Favourite Autumn Essential Oils

autumn scene

There’s something magical about autumn that makes it one of our favourite seasons. The trees are at their most beautiful as the heat of summer fades and we start to get cosy once again.

Celebrate this gorgeous time of year with some of our warming essential oils, perfect for capturing that comforting autumn feel.

What essential oils are good for autumn?

If only you could bottle up the smells of autumn and inhale them whenever you felt like it. Well, these autumn essential oils mean you’re never more than a breath away from the spicy scents of autumn days. With warming, woody aromas, these are just a few of our favourite essential oils for autumn.

autumn scene

Clove bud essential oil

If you love a little spice in the air at this time of year, add clove bud essential oil to your diffuser. Steam distilled from the buds of an evergreen tree, this middle note essential oil has a rich, soothing scent that just seems to warm you from the inside out.

Perfect for those afternoons spent curled up on the sofa after a long country walk, clove bud essential oil is said to be great for keeping those winter colds at arm’s length. Blend clove bud oil with cinnamon for a powerful scent with a spicy kick.

Ginger essential oil

Ginger is just one of those aromas that make it feel like autumn. We wildcraft our ginger essential oil straight from the roots of French ginger plants. It’s then steam-distilled for 100% purity. Thanks to its strong, spicy fragrance, this middle to base note oil is popular in aromatherapy all year round. If you want to capture a cosy feeling of contentment in your living space, diffuse a few drops of this autumn favourite.

Ginger may smell fantastic, but many believe it has healing properties too. This autumn essential oil is often used to soothe pain and inflammation, to help with stomach and digestive problems and to cleanse the body of toxins.

Fresh Skin Clary Sage essential oil with an electric diffuser

Cedarwood essential oil

Nothing welcomes autumn like a long walk in a colourful forest. Freshskin Beauty Cedarwood oil is steam distilled from the wood of cedar trees, and it has a sweet, woody aroma that brings the essence of the Great Outdoors straight to your home.

This has got to be one of our most autumn smelling essential oils, and it’s 100% pure. Inhale the scent of cedarwood for an instant feeling of calm contentment, ideal for unwinding before a cosy evening in. There’s a spiritual quality to this base essential oil and it’s still used by Tibetan monks in their daily meditation today.

Cinnamon bark essential oil

Hands down, cinnamon bark has got to be one of our favourite autumn essential oils. Calming, smooth and sensual, this middle to base note oil has the power to warm the energy in any space. This essential oil is steam distilled from the bark of the cinnamon tree, and it’s widely believed to have antiseptic properties.

Cinnamon essential oil has long been regarded as a powerful natural remedy, and it’s used to battle infections, reduce pain, and treat coughs and colds. Mix it with a carrier oil and use topically or add a few drops to your diffuser to enjoy the sweet scent of autumn and winter.

Nutmeg essential oil

Nutmeg is one of the best essential oils for autumn, thanks to its rich middle note scent with seasonal spicy undertones. Wild crafted in its native India from the seeds of the nutmeg tree, our 100% pure nutmeg oil is steam distilled.

If you tend to overindulge in seasonal treats during autumn (and let’s face it you’re not alone), nutmeg is a good essential oil to have on your team. It’s believed to help fight bloating, indigestion, and other ailments of the digestive area. Nutmeg’s healing properties also help to relieve stress and rebalance the mind. Add nutmeg to an essential oil blend to help you get a good night’s sleep or enjoy a few drops in your evening bath.

Clary sage essential oil

When it comes to autumn essential oils, no blend would be complete without the fruity scent of clary sage. Autumn is the time of year when the holidays of summer are a distant memory, and we start to get ready for the build-up to Christmas. Take time to stop and enjoy the season with one of the most balancing essential oils in aromatherapy.

Many use clary sage essential oil for healthy-looking skin and hair, so it’s a handy addition to your winter beauty kit. For a calm, relaxed feeling whenever you need it, inhale this earthy aroma with its musky undertones.

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Autumn essential oil blends

The best thing about this time of year is that you get to create your own autumn essential oil blends. Autumn blends are all about capturing the way this season makes you feel. If you love the flavours that make autumn special, try your hand at the pumpkin spice or the spicy chai blend. Just think how fabulous your home will smell with those aromas lingering on a chilly evening.

There’s an apple pie blend for those sentimental days with the family or keep it simple with the autumn leaves blend. For a blend that will really impress your dinner guests, it’s got to be the mulled cider recipe we know many of you already love. There are so many autumn essential oil blends that you can enjoy your favourite fragrances right at home, and they’re great fun to create.

Autumn essential oils starter kit

We’ve made it easier than ever to enjoy the scents of autumn in your home, with the autumn essential oils starter kit. The perfect gift for anyone who loves everything about autumn, this handy kit combines 12 of our bestselling autumn essential oils. The budding aromatherapist in your life will have everything they need to start creating their own essential oil blends, filling the home with the sweet scents of autumn.