Candle Making

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Discover our great range of candle making supplies and find all of the high quality ingredients you need to make your own candles.

From Soy Candle Wax and Beeswax to Bekro Candle Dyes and our amazing Fragrance Oils, our collection of candle making supplies offers you the chance to create your own low-cost, sweet smelling homemade candles.

Combine your favourite Essential Oils and fragrances to make beautiful scented candles that are the perfect gift or unique items to sell. With our free UK delivery and unbeatable customer service, you’ll be making gorgeous aromatherapy candles in no time!

Our Most Helpful Tips About Candle-Making

At Freshskin, we have a host of candle-making supplies available to you. Discover the high-quality ingredients you need to create your fragrances.

What Is Candle-Making?

Candle-making is the method of creating a light source using a flammable wick surrounded by wax. When a wick meets flame, the heat gradually melts the wax surrounding it and liquefies it. The wick then draws in the liquid and vaporizes it, helping to fuel the flame.

While electricity has long since eliminated the need for candles, they go a long way toward helping your home feel cozier. Adding a candle can introduce warmth and light to your interior space. You can also experiment with different candle fragrance oils, colours, and shapes to create different types of candles.

Candle-making can be either a fun hobby or a full-time business. At Freshskin, we have the basics of what you need to start making homemade candles. Take a look at our range of candle-making supplies. 

What Materials Do I Need for Candle Making?

The primary candle-making materials you need are candle wax pellets, candle fragrance oils, and candle dye. Still, you’ll need a few more materials before making your candles. 


The wick is the primary part of every candle and plays a central role in how each candle burns. Via capillary action, the wick draws in melted wax, fueling the flame and allowing it to burn steadily.

In other words, every candle needs a wick. Some common materials used to make wicks include paper, wood, zinc, or cotton.


A spatula or similarly heat-proof stirring material will help ensure your wax melts evenly. 

Heat-Proof Container

Common heat-proof containers include glass jars, mason jars, tin cans, and even used candle containers. This also determines the size of your candle.

Double Boiler

A double boiler is a kitchen tool that consists of two pots. One is larger than the other, and they fit together with the smaller sitting inside the larger. It serves as an indirect heating source, allowing for precise temperature control, and is a great method of melting wax.


A thermometer helps you measure the temperature of your wax. This is significant in keeping your wax at the right temperatures. 

Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks help to keep the wick stable as you pour the wax in and complete the curing process. You can also use pencils, chopsticks, or other lightweight, straight objects. 

Paper Towels (Optional)

If you don’t have a dirty kitchen towel you’re willing to sacrifice, paper towels are a great alternative for cleaning wax drips.

The Candle-Making Process

Here’s a quick guide on how to make your homemade candle.

Step 1

Before pouring your wax into your chosen container, measure how much you need. In general, you’ll need double the amount needed to fill your container. You can also stabilize your wick at this step using popsicle sticks or other parallel, straight objects.

Step 2

Then, turn on your heat source, place the measured wax in the pot, and wait for it to melt. At this step, you can also add a dye or candle fragrance oil of your choice.

Step 3

Now, pour the hot wax into the container. Let the wax cool, and trim the wick down as needed.

What Freshskin Has to Offer

Freshskin is your go-to for candle-making supplies such as fragrance oils, wax, and candle dyes. We give you the tools to combine your favourite fragrance oils and dyes to create unique homemade gifts. 

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