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Hand-picked, ethical and planet-friendly ingredients

We work with farmers from around the globe to source one of the biggest collections of high-quality essential oils and raw materials in the UK. From ready-made soaps and moisturisers to all the ingredients and accessories you need to create your homemade natural beauty products, Freshskin Beauty is a one-stop shop for ethically sourced, safe and vegan-friendly ingredients.

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Essential Oils

Pure essential oils sourced directly from growers around the globe.


Soap Making

Create irresistible handmade soaps with all natural ingredients.


Candle Making

Explore our fantasic collection of premium candle-making supplies.


Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils to transform your mood and lift your spirits.


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“First time I’ve ordered from Freshskin and the oils were well packaged and a prompt service. The larger 50 ml sized bottles of essential oil save me having to go out and buy so frequently, as I use them every day.”

Lynn B.