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True wellbeing starts from within, so take control of your health by investing in the very best wellbeing products on the market. At Freshskin, we use our expertise and industry knowledge to select the finest products and bring them to you at competitive prices. Our wellbeing collection includes a wide range of soaps, pet care products, ear candle kits, incense and much, much more so that you can build or restock your home wellbeing collection with the pick of the market. Place your order with us today and experience the first-class customer service for which we’re well known.


Beauty and Wellbeing Products to Invest in Your Health

Take control of your health and reinvest in your body through our wide range of beauty and wellbeing products.

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We offer natural health products to promote better wellbeing. Shop our available inventory to learn more about what we have and place an order.

Types of Wellbeing Products We Offer

Diffusers, oil burners, bath salts, and more are available from Freshskin Beauty. Check out the types of wellbeing products we offer below.


An oil diffuser breaks essential oils down into smaller molecules and then disperses them into the air. This creates a pleasant, calming effect depending on which essential oil is placed into the diffuser. A good reed diffuser evenly disperses these particles in a way that isn't overbearing. 

Oil Burners

Oil burners are similar to diffusers in that they use essential oils. However, the method of dispersing the oil molecules is different. Oil burners work by placing a bit of water in the top bowl portion. Then, add a few drops of your preferred essential oil. Place a lighted tea light underneath the bowl, and the water will begin to evaporate from the heat, releasing essential oil molecules into the air. 

Linen Water

Looking to improve the scent of your clothes and bedding? We have multiple linen water options that will have your clothes and bedding smelling fresh. Simply add a few drops of linen water into your washing machine before a load. 

Bath Salts

Natural dead sea bath salts carry health benefits for your skin. Our natural ingredients allow you to enjoy a Paraben-free, vitamin and mineral-rich, and fragrant bath water that will leave your skin looking and feeling amazing. 

Hair Care

We have 100% organic shampoo and conditioner products made with natural ingredients that make your hair sleeker, brighter, and stronger. 

How to Incorporate Our Wellbeing Products into Your Daily Life

You can get the most out of our natural beauty and wellbeing products by combining them. For example, start a load of bedding with our added linen water. While that's going, you can add your lavender essential oil into the reed diffuser to create a relaxing atmosphere while you draw a bath filled with our natural bath salts. Afterward, you can shower using our 100% organic soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. 

When it comes to personal grooming and washing, there are a number of ways you can incorporate our products! 

Benefits of Using Our Wellbeing Products

Oil diffusers have a number of benefits. For starters, they make it easier to breathe. Eucalyptus is known for helping with colds and respiratory issues. Certain oils are also shown to reduce blood pressure for hypertensive people. You can try a blend of different essential oils to get multiple benefits in one sitting. You can use essential oils daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

The natural and organic ingredients in our linen waters, soaps, and haircare products promote better health without toxic chemicals. Your skin will be in better health, and your hair will be shinier and stronger. These natural ingredients are better for the environment and your overall health.