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There are few past-times finer in this world than creating your own delicious soaps at home. Using the purest soap making ingredients and creating luxurious textures and smells is something to which many craft-loving people are totally addicted. Our collection of soap making supplies includes moulds, stamps, dyes, glitters and countless other fantastic solutions to give your soapy creations that unique edge, whether you’re making them for yourself, for friends or for selling on. Stock up your growing soap-making kit with us and enjoy our five-star-rated customer service at every stage of your order.

The Basics of Soap Making at Home

Freshskin has everything you need to make your own soap at home. Whether you're new to the art or an experienced candlemaker, our soap making supplies are everything you're looking for.

Why Making Homemade Soap is Good For You


Commercial soaps are often manufactured using synthetic ingredients, some of which dry and irritate the skin. When you make your own soap, you can use natural ingredients like oils, shea butter, and tallows. 

Cruelty-Free, Animal-Friendly

Homemade soaps are cruelty-free, with ingredients being almost exclusively plant-based and organic, and aren’t made in non-ecofriendly factories. They also avoid animal testing entirely.

Greater Variety

With all the soap making supplies at your disposal, you have a wider choice of combinations to customize your soap.

More Moisturizing

Glycerin, widely considered one of the best moisturizers for skin, is typically extracted from commercial soap. Natural soap retains glycerin, keeping your skin healthy.

Start collecting your soap-making supplies today. Or, keep reading to learn more about soap-making.

The Basic Ingredients of Soap

The three main ingredients in soap are lye, water, and base oils. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:


Lye is a key ingredient in the soap-making process. Soap is made via saponification, a process where triglycerides (fats or oils) combine with a strong base (lye). 

A lye calculator is a great way to align your proportions and ensure you achieve your desired results.


Water is another crucial ingredient. Water is used to create a lye solution that is combined with oil. Water helps the lye and oil finish the saponification process. The water is mostly evaporated by the time the soap hardens.

Base Oils

Traditionally, soap was made using animal fat. In modern times, soap is commonly made using plant oils. Some examples include olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, avocado oil, hemp oil, and more. 

It’s recommended to stick to oils from animal or vegetable sources only – soaps can’t be made using petroleum-based oils.

Essential or Fragrance Oils

Adding soap fragrance oils to your soap is optional – but it goes a long way toward helping to make your soap unique. 

Essential oils are mostly plant-based, giving freedom when combining them to craft various aromas. With fragrance oils, which are synthetic, it’s best to stick to skin-safe options.


Colourants are a great way to help further personify your homemade soap. There’s a host of blues, greens, oranges, and more that you can apply to your soap.

Safety Equipment

Lye is capable of causing severe harm to your skin if you are not careful. Rubber or latex gloves, safety goggles, an apron, a long-sleeved shirt, an oven mitt, and a ventilated work area all help to minimize injury.

Soap Making Tips

Tip 1: Maintain an Ideal Temperature

The recommended temperature for your oils and lye is between 120°F - 130°F. If it's too cold or hot, it can negatively affect the outcome.

Tip 2: Start With a Basic Recipe

If you’re new to soap-making, it’s best to stick to recipes with a short list of ingredients. Not only is it less complicated, but there’s also a smaller upfront investment.

Tip 3: Store Homemade Soaps Properly

The best practice for soap, both cold process and melt and pour, is to stick with a semi-air tight mould. Then, store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight until cured.

What Freshskin Has to Offer

At Freshskin, we have a host of soap-making ingredients and supplies to help you craft your own homemade soapy creations. From essential oils and soap fragrance oils to moulds, stamps, dyes, and glitter.

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