The Best Essential Oils for Chakras


According to ancient Vedic texts, there are seven key energy points within our bodies, from the bottom of the spine to the crown of the head. Each point, known in Sanskrit as a chakra, is connected to a specific area of our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Most of us will experience a blockage in at least one chakra at some stage in life, and these can lead to physical symptoms and periods of emotional unbalance. Many reiki, yoga and meditation practitioners use pure essential oils regularly to help keep the seven chakras open and balanced.

Whether you use one essential oil as and when you need to clear a chakra, or you blend several of your favourites, they’re widely believed to have a huge impact on keeping our energies flowing.

Here’s our guide to the best essential oils for chakras.


Muladhara – Essential oils for the root chakra

The root chakra (or base chakra) is responsible for our feelings of safety and security in the world. The root chakra dictates our survival instincts, such as fleeing from danger, eating when we’re hungry and seeking shelter from the cold.

The root chakra, or Muladhara in Sanskrit, is found at the base of the spine, and it’s the foundation for the rest of our chakras. If this chakra is unbalanced, it’s likely that every chakra will feel off too.

To rebalance your root chakra, it makes sense to opt for essential oils derived from trees and roots. Our atlas cedarwood essential oil is steam distilled from the wood of the beautiful cedar tree. Simply inhale this mystical fragrance to reclaim a feeling of comfort and wellbeing.

Svadhishthana – Essential oils for the sacral chakra

Found just below the naval, the sacral chakra (Svadhishthana) is the second of our seven main chakras. This chakra forms the centre for our sexuality, our creativity and our inspiration. It also impacts how we deal with other people’s feelings and emotional needs.

It’s believed that problems with the sacral chakra can lead to low libido, painful periods and difficulty conceiving. There are five key essential oils associated with opening the sacral chakra, and these are ylang ylang, rose, patchouli, tangerine and sweet orange.

Ylang ylang essential oil is favoured by many, thanks to a strong belief in its power as a natural aphrodisiac. Floral notes dance with undertones of musk to create an intoxicating, sensual scent.


Manipura – Essential oils for the solar plexus chakra

You’ll find the solar plexus chakra, Manipura, in the area behind your naval. The centre of our personal power, this is the area responsible for our self-confidence. Manipura is responsible for our personal choices, our ego and the expectations we set for ourselves.

Aside from leading to problems in the stomach, it’s claimed a blocked solar plexus can also have a negative impact on our emotions. It can cause aggression, listlessness and issues with low self-esteem.

Many believe that to rebalance the solar plexus, it’s best to use strong, invigorating essential oils to help clear blockages. Try black pepper essential oil to rebalance this chakra with positive energy.

Anahata – Essential oils for the heart chakra

The heart chakra Anahata sits in the centre of our chest. This chakra sits between the lower and upper body chakras and forms the connection between them. Anahata is all about love. It acknowledges the healing power of love and is responsible for our ability to love unconditionally. A healthy heart chakra helps us to form strong connections with others, and to love ourselves.

The best heart chakra essential oils are those that evoke feelings of love and comfort. Rose, geranium, mandarin and lavender oil are all commonly used by those looking to unblock this chakra. Our rose geranium essential oil is the go-to essential oil for promoting self-love, compassion towards others and spiritual enlightenment.

Why not create your own heart chakra essential oil blend?  If your goal is to create one blend to help clear your heart chakra, choose two or three oils that help you to relax and open your heart. The scents of bergamot, rose geranium and lavender combine to create a calming sensation that will encourage meditation.


Vishuddha – Essential oils for the throat chakra

The throat chakra, Vishuddha, governs our mouth, tongue and neck. This chakra is responsible for the way we express ourselves and our capacity to speak our truth to others. When this chakra is blocked, it can cause problems with creativity and communication. Physical symptoms linked to a blocked throat chakra include sore throats and problems with our hearing.

Our Roman chamomile essential oil is said to open the throat chakra, enabling us to receive guidance from our inner voice. Many claim that chamomile helps us to communicate effectively, while stabilising our connections.

Frankincense essential oil is also popular with those experiencing issues with the throat chakra. This sacred aroma is said to enable us to react to situations graciously, and promotes clear, healthy communication.


Ajna – Essential oils for the third eye (brow) chakra

The third eye, or brow chakra (also known as Ajna) sits at the front of the forehead. This chakra controls the mind and helps us to concentrate our thoughts. The third eye chakra is also connected to our perceptions and our spirituality. This chakra is home to our ‘sixth sense’.

One of the key symptoms of an imbalance in the third eye chakra is emotional stress. To realign your senses with a third eye chakra essential oil, it’s a good idea to choose one with a lemon scent. Lemon oil helps to uplift the senses and reconnect our minds with our spiritual intuition. Our beautiful lemon essential oil can help to boost the senses and rebalance negative emotions, while some say that lemon oil can help to awaken our third eye, expanding our outlook.

Essential oils for the crown chakra

Our seventh chakra, the crown chakra, is located right at the top of the head. Known as Sahasrara, the crown chakra links us to a higher state of consciousness and enables us to connect with universal truths. It’s believed an open crown chakra helps us to break free from negative patterns and to experience true bliss.

To unlock the crown chakra, try using essential oils thought to awaken a higher consciousness through meditation. Myrrh, sandalwood and vetiver all encourage mindfulness and complete tranquil thoughts. Vetiver essential oil evokes a sensation of comfort and safety with its sweet, yet earthy fragrance.

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