A Romantic Massage for Valentine’s Day

Romantic massage set up

The annual day of romance is upon us and what better way to show your loved one that you care than by offering a romantic massage using the right blend of essential oils?

Massages are known to relieve stress, help us relax and bring us gently into the moment, but it’s important to set the tone and get it right. A bad massage experience can have the exact opposite effect to that which we were hoping for, so follow our simple guidelines and for some essential tips to delivering a sensual massage that your partner will love.

Set the scene

The first and most important step is to set the scene. The chances are you are going to be performing your massage at home, so it’s important to make the environment calm and relaxing. Get everything neat and tidy and put away any distractions or things that might break the mood. Keep the lighting soft, have some gentle music playing and light a few candles. If you want extra brownie points, you could make your partner their own candle using our essential oil candle kit bursting with romantic tones like Rose Oil or Ylang Ylang.

The massage should take place somewhere firm, but comfortable. A bed is OK if the mattress is not too soft or possibly the floor if it’s not too cold and hard. Lay down soft, clean towels and get the temperature just right so that your partner will feel comfortable during the massage.

Choosing the right essential oils

As well as their calming and stress-busting capabilities, certain essential oils also have aphrodisiac qualities making them the perfect choice for a relaxing, romantic massage.

(For those using essential oils for the first time, it’s important to read the recommendations associated to each oil and how they should be diluted before being used on the skin.)

Rose Fragrance Oil

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like a red rose and so our Rose Fragrance Oil is just the ticket to stimulate the senses and set the mood with it’s beautiful fresh and natural rose tones.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang essential oil comes from the flowers of a tropical tree and instantly evokes a sense of the exotic. Long associated with love and romance, this sweet, floral scent will transport your partner to an exotic paradise and instantly strip away the stresses and worries of the day.


For the man in your life, Sandalwood essential oil is the perfect woody blend for those who prefer to avoid floral fragrances. When used in a massage oil, Sandalwood helps to encourage deep relaxation. It’s aphrodisiac properties make it a popular choice for anyone looking to give a truly romantic Valentine’s massage.

Mixed with a suitable carrier oil like sweet almond oil and any of these three essential oil powerhouses will be sure to help even the most amateurish masseur turn their loved one to putty.

The massage

For those of us who are not skilled masseurs, the prospect of delivering a romantic massage can be daunting. But by following the steps above and setting the right mood, you’ll be over halfway there. When it comes to the massage itself, start gently, enjoy the contact of skin on skin and follow the cues from your partner as to what they like and don’t like.

There are lots of really helpful massage guides on YouTube, so spend 5 minutes brushing up on your techniques before the big day. Confidence is key so do your homework, be prepared and good luck!