Essential oils for pampering and wellness

essential oils and candles for relaxing

We all know at least one woman who holds down a million things at once while managing, somehow, to keep her cool. She’s always on the go and never seems to stop, so how about planning some random acts of kindness in honour of International Women’s Day on the 8th March?

Whether it’s your mum, your best friend, your sister, or indeed yourself, sometimes the ones who seem like they have it all together are the ones who need a boost the most. So celebrate the amazing women in your life by pointing them towards relaxing aromatherapy, and all but force them to take some time off!

When it comes to pampering and rejuvenating tired, stressed minds, nothing does the trick quite like using pure, high-quality essential oils. Here, we run down the top five essential oils to chill out the girl who seems to have everything – apart from five minutes’ peace!

Peppy peppermint

Managing to strike a delicate balance between being energising and soothing, peppermint essential oil is a great way to take a load off and ease your stress. Peppermint is perfect for stimulating the mind and improving the memory. Which makes it especially ideal for those with never-ending ‘to do’ lists.

Mood-lifting lavender

Lavender gets a lot of good press because of its sheer versatility. Whether you need to freshen up your home, cleanse minor wounds or just unwind, lavender is a reach-for-it cupboard essential that no home should be without.

But when it comes to chilling out among a busy schedule, we highly recommend using lavender essential oil during a relaxing yoga session, either in a safe oil burner or an essential oil diffuser. Stretching, bending and breathing in this sweet, restorative scent will have anyone on their way to full-on bliss in no time.



Rose essential oil is celebrated for bringing balance and calm to stressed-out minds, so what could be a more perfect gift? If you want to treat a much-loved friend to an inspiring, thoughtful present this International Women’s day, you could build them a candle-making kit with rose fragrance oil at its heart. Combined with yellow beeswax pellets, creative crafting types will love making rose-scented candles to light during their precious chillout times.


Superb for lifting lacklustre states of mind and keeping tensions at bay, lemon essential oil is a critical part of any mood-boosting kit. It’s also a handy bottle to have in any modern household, as it can be used as an antiseptic, to detox the skin or to treat acne.

They will love you for it

Sisters need to bind together, so if you know a girl who really needs a little time to herself, spring into action and pick up some essential oils as a thoughtful gift. Sinking into a steaming bath among clouds of heavenly scents is just the thing for undoing the stresses and strains of everyday life, and your thoughtfulness will be remembered for months to come.