Essential oil products for Mother’s Day

pure peppermint essential oil with soap and facial scrub for Mother’s Day

Here it comes, rolling around again. Yes it’s almost Mother’s Day already! Mums, they’re pretty amazing, so it’s lovely to have the excuse to spoil yours. If you’re feeling a bit stuck for ideas, or don’t fancy trotting out the same old flowers again this year, try treating your mum to her own little batch of premium, pure essential oils.

Aromatherapy has long been celebrated for its abilities to soothe away the stresses of everyday life, and most mothers we know are juggling plenty on a daily basis. So show her how much you care and help her relax in the finest way possible with these heavenly healing scents. Plus look out for a few handy hacks around the home, because mums love a bit of multi purposing!

Lemon essential oil

Make sure you only buy the purest lemon essential oil, so that the lucky recipient can enjoy it for as long as possible. The small but zesty lemon is known to be a powerful natural uplifter. If you know a mum who has been struggling with her load of late, treat her to a bottle of this zingy oil this Mother’s Day. She can use it to make her own soaps and candles and use it in her essential oil burner to blast those low moods away.

And bonus: when added to purified water and poured into a spray bottle, lemon oil can help to send unpleasant odours packing. So if the kids have brought home a nasty bug, she can use it to get rid of any lingering stinks!


Well known for aiding restful sleep, lavender essential oil is a top seller for aromatherapy gifts. With a sweet, herbaceous aroma, lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils that money can buy. This fragrant oil is regularly used for boosting energy, improving stamina and winding down ahead of a great Mother’s Day night’s sleep.

If the busy mum in question is struggling with getting her kids to sleep through the night, a tiny drop of lavender essential oil can be mixed with coconut or olive oil and rubbed on sleepy feet to help them slumber through the night (though it’s best not to use it on very young children or those with extra-sensitive skin).

Charm her this Mother’s Day

Whether it’s a friend, a sister or your very own mother hen, show them how much they mean to you. A few well thoughtout gifts can help take them to a place of calm, stress-free relaxation with the help of aromatherapy. Just be sure to invest in pure essential oils as a little bit goes much, much further than cheaper, blended oils.