Using essential oils to put you in touch with the planet

herbs and essential oils for earth day

This year, Earth Day falls on April 22nd, and using grounding essential oils is one of the best ways we know to feel at one with our wonderful planet. The whole point of Earth Day is to inspire a respect and love of our planet. Using essential oils is a great way to get centred and remember the important part we have to play in Earth’s well-being.

Grounding the mind and spirit

One of the best ways we know of to get centred is by performing the calming practice of yoga. If you’re suffering with a touch of stress, using essential oils for anxiety is a practical and useful method. Combining them with yoga is just magical. Yoga helps to increase your flexibility, improve muscle tone and boost your mental clarity and physical vitality. Adding a drop of your favourite essential oil helps to heighten all these benefits – as well as adding a few of their own.

So let’s explore some of the finest essential oils you can add to your next yoga session.

Essential oils for yoga

One of the best essential oils for using during yoga practice is chamomile. Extracted from the flowers of the chamomile plant, this powerful essential oil is known for its ability to calm the mind and boost your mood. It’s the perfect partner for any meditative, relaxed state. What’s more, chamomile is known to induce perspiration, meaning that your body can effectively rid itself of toxins and keep itself cool while you practise yoga.

Jasmine oil is another popular scent used by yogis the world over. Also extracted from flowers, the sweet scent of jasmine is warming and uplifting. Jasmine oil also improves our ability to relax and unwind. It possesses mild sedative qualities, which calms the body, mind and spirit – perfect for promoting a positive attitude.

If you enjoy fresh scents while you perform yoga, geranium essential oil is a great choice. Derived from a woody perennial herb, this fresh, rosy scent is great for promoting balance.

Or try adding the soft, warming, earthy scent of oakmoss during your next yoga session. This gentle scent is known for its expectorant properties and is a great choice for grounding.


Earth Day

So if you’re looking for a way to connect with the planet and celebrate Earth Day, consider enhancing your yoga practice with the essential oils recommended above. You may well start on the 22nd, but you’ll continue once you experience the myriad benefits!