Craftovator Closure: Freshskin – Your Trusted Alternative Supplier

Freshskin Fragrance Oils

In the wake of the Craftovator closure, many customers have found themselves in need of a new source for their candle making supplies. At Freshskin, we understand the importance of continuity of supply and are committed to supporting former Craftovator customers by offering a range of products, including fragrance oils, to meet their needs.

Craftovator Closure Solutions: Embrace Freshskin as Your Fragrance Oil Supplier

Following the recent Craftovator closure, many customers are seeking a reliable alternative for their fragrance oil and candle making supply needs. As a supplier, we purchase many of our fragrance oils from the same fragrance houses that Craftovator did, ensuring a level of familiarity and quality that customers have come to expect. Our commitment to providing exceptional customer support, wholesale pricing, and ethically sourced, superior quality products sets us apart as the ideal alternative supplier. We believe in delivering on our promises and are trusted by thousands of customers to supply quality products on time, every time.

We understand that many customers relied on Craftovator not just for products, but also for the support and guidance they provided. At Freshskin, we are here to fill that void, offering unrivalled customer support and striving to provide the same level of assistance that customers have come to expect. Whether you’re in need of craftovator’s perfumers alcohol, fragrances, or any other candle making supplies, we are dedicated to helping you find the products you need.

To further assist former Craftovator customers, we offer free UK delivery and a pricing structure on fragrance oils that we believe is more competitive than our competitors. We are committed to ensuring that our customers have access to the products they need at affordable prices.

If you were a Craftovator customer in need of products or support, simply reach out to us at or use our contact us form. Please include the fragrance name, the Craftovator code (starting with FRA and found on the bottle label), and the amount you would like to order, and we will work diligently to source these products for you. We understand the challenges of navigating this transition and are here to support you every step of the way.

At Freshskin, we are not just a supplier; we are committed to being your partner in creativity, providing the products, support, and reliability you need to continue pursuing your passion for candle making.