Homemade Gift Sets for Christmas


Christmas is coming, and it’s time to turn your thoughts to the gifts that you want your loved ones to open around the tree on Christmas morning. If you’re stuck for inspiration but you know you want to take the homemade approach this year, then you’re in the right place.

These days, it’s pretty impossible to escape the commercial side of Christmas. But that doesn’t mean that your gifts can’t be meaningful and show your loved one that you really put some thought into their perfect gift.

Opting to give presents that are homemade (or at least home-assembled) shows that you’ve spent time and not just money on your gifts, and that’s worth its weight in gold to the ones you love.


Personal gifts that show you care


While gift sets are always a great present idea, assembling one yourself is far better than just picking one up off a shelf. Taking the DIY approach and putting together homemade Christmas gifts means you can choose packaging you know they’d love, and, in this case, select essential oils that are right up their street.

This is a great option for anyone who’s already an expert in the world of essential oils, as an essential oil collection is never quite complete.

However, an essential oil gift set would also be fabulous for someone that’s as yet unfamiliar with them but loves keeping things natural. Anyone who’s creative will have hours of fun experimenting and discovering all the diffuser blends and cosmetic recipes in which they can use their new essential oils.

If this sounds like it could be the perfect homemade Christmas gift idea for someone in your life, then read on for a few different combinations of essential oils that you could use to assemble the perfect gift set.


The basics

This would be the perfect combo for anyone who’s not forayed into the world of essential oils in the past.

These essential oils are staples that will appear in all kinds of cosmetics recipes including moisturisers, deodorants and toothpastes, and can be combined for some fantastically stimulating diffuser blends.


Christmas in a gift set

This would be a great gift set for anyone who’s already dabbled in the world of essential oils and has caught the bug. Different combinations of these essential oils make fabulously Christmassy scents that will keep their house smelling wonderful throughout the long nights, helping keep the winter chill at bay.

Certain combinations, especially those involving sweet orange and ginger, are great to diffuse in the mornings to help get you out of bed even when it’s dark outside, and they’ll love the combination of cinnamon and clove when they’re relaxing with a mug of tea.

If the lucky recipient is someone you live with then this is definitely a case of giving what you’d like to receive, as you’ll be able to luxuriate in these wintery scents, too!


Keeping things fresh

These are all stimulating scents that go together beautifully and might not feature in your loved one’s existing collection. They open up all new kinds of possibilities for diffuser blends that won’t fail to energise you and are also popular ingredients in lots of DIY cleaning products.

If the recipient of your gift is conscious of the effect we’re having on the environment and wants to try and reduce the negative impact they’re having on the planet, they’ll love experimenting with natural, DIY products around the home.


Need a quick fix?


If you love the idea of a Christmas essential oil gift pack but just don’t have the time then our gorgeous Christmas gift sets are for you. Choose from three 5 x bottle Christmas selections or go all our with our 10 x bottle winter fragrance oil starter kit!