Essential oil blends for Christmas cheer!


Lifestyle magazines at this time of year are bursting with stunningly effective creative ideas for transforming your into a veritable Santa’s grotto.

It can be so much fun planning your décor for the holiday season but Christmas isn’t just about the creating the perfect festive look. Don’t forget that you need to feed all the senses. Choosing the best fragrance to complement the look is a huge part of setting the perfect tone in your home for the Yuletide season.

When your relatives or friends arrive, they’ll be greeted not only by the welcoming Christmas décor and its magical nostalgia, but also by a nose-tingling seasonal aroma. They’ll find themselves wrapped in a warm hug of rich and zesty tidings before they’ve even stepped out of the winter chill into your cosy home. To paraphrase one of our favourite Christmas songs: It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!


Welcomed by a ‘hug’

In the northern hemisphere, the winter months are long and dark. It’s no wonder that we inhabitants of these colder climes have developed a tradition of celebrations to bring light and warmth into our homes, to banish the darkness and the chill as temperatures plummet.

There’s no denying that our Danish cousins know a thing or two about cold, dark winters but their tradition of ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’ in case you’ve ever wondered) means that they can embrace all that winter brings and fill their homes with comfort and joy in spite of the gloom outside.

It’s all about comfort, cosiness and calm, and banishing the harsh winter weather and long hours of darkness by filling their homes with warmth, light and, of course, delectable aromas. The fact that the word ‘hygge’ is closely related to our ‘hug’ best describes what it’s all about.

Why not be like the Danes? Don’t try to fight the winter gloom, embrace it! Hunker down, create a safe, fragrant, comforting and warm place to while away those winter evenings, whether you’re at home solo, enjoying cosy family time or entertaining friends.


Scent sensations

Of all the senses, smell is thought to be most closely linked with memory. Just a whiff of the tantalizing scents we associate with the festive season can whisk us back in time to bask in the nostalgia of Christmases past.

Spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves are the dominant aromas but there’s a whole spectrum of festive fragrances. From the sharp, refreshing zing of pine, with its unmistakable resinous edge, to the essential zesty tang of citrus, they all have a place in our cosy winter burrow.

Our team has put together not just one but three gloriously festive Christmas Essential Oil collections, from ‘Jingle Bell Berries’, through ‘Snowflake Sparkle’ to ‘Winter Carnival’. There’s something for everyone. We think they may just have succeeded in capturing the essence of Christmas in a bottle!



Get creative

You can enjoy these fabulous fragrances throughout your festive home in oil burners, or electronic or reed diffusers. If you’re feeling creative, though (perhaps you want to create unique, personalised gifts for your friends?) then these essential oil blends are all perfect for making scented candles, soaps, bath salts or homemade face creams and body lotions.


All set for a fragrant festive season

Whether you’re making memories for the future while cosied up with your dearly beloved, or feeling the need for a trip down Memory Lane, you’ll be able to evoke the true spirit of Christmas in your home with these fabulous festive fragrances.

Why not try one of our Christmas collections, either for your own delectation and delight or to bring comfort and joy to a loved one?

When you’ve chosen the perfect blend from our range of Yuletide scents, you only need the ultimate seasonal soundtrack and some gorgeous mood lighting (or just candlelight). The scene will be set for the most memorable Christmas, filled with hygge!