Embrace your spiritual side with these essential oils

jasmine flowers

Coming up on the 21st September is a date we all need to observe: the International Day of Peace. An opportunity for people to come together and celebrate the ideals of peace in spirit and in action.

If you’ve been feeling like you need to get in touch with your spiritual side, aromatherapy is an amazing place to start. Revered for centuries for its abilities to deal with all kinds of physical and mental complications, aromatherapy can be a powerful tool as well as a relaxing hobby.

To get started with the practice, you can choose pretty much any oils that take your fancy. But for zoning out and connecting with your spiritual centre, the following essential oils really are hard to beat.

Clove essential oil

Synonymous with the delight of Christmastime, clove essential oil is ideal for relieving stress and tension and helping you to find your centre. A natural aphrodisiac, clove essential oil can stimulate the mind, making it the perfect tonic at the end of a busy, pressure-filled day at work. So if you’re find that a busy mind and lifestyle is getting in the way of your chill-out time, you need to pick up a bottle of clove oil ASAP.

Geranium essential oil

Peace always starts from within, and the pleasant, floral scent of geranium essential oil carries with it the ability to centre your mind and release any overwhelming emotions that have been plaguing you.

Try making an aromatherapy steam facial by simply adding a few drops of geranium oil into a large bowl of very hot water (be careful!) and hold your face over the water, draping a towel over the back of your head and neck to create a chamber for the steam. Try to stay there for around 10 minutes to enjoy maximum benefits.

Myrrh essential oil

Connecting with your spiritual side is only possible if you’re feeling emotionally balanced, and essential oils can be a vital assistant in getting yourself there. Myrrh essential oil is revered by many aromatherapy fans for its ability to promote spiritual feelings. Try diffusing a few drops of myrrh or adding to your favourite oil burner, dim the lights and sit upright with your eyes closed. Take deep, long breaths in and out and you’ll soon start to feel like your spiritual side is coming to the fore.

Jasmine essential oil

Have you ever tried meditation? It can be a powerful exercise in centreing the mind and getting in touch with the very roots of your spirit. Calming Jasmine essential oil makes a great bedfellow for meditation sessions.

To reach a relaxing meditative state, simply find somewhere comfortable to sit, close your eyes and focus on your breath coming in and going out. If you feel your mind wandering, simply draw it gently back to focusing on your breath. Longer periods of meditation take a while to master, but you’ll get there with regular practice.