Finding some peace and calm with essential oils

gentle essential oils to help you relax

Although the summer holidays can be a wonderful whirlwind of holidays and special family time, most parents will look forward to school opening up again so that the normal routine can resume. They won’t have missed the morning scramble for the school run, but packing those little darlings off for a day of learning means that you can once again concentrate on the things you need to get done from Monday to Friday.

There are so many ways in which essential oils can help out with your daily routine, from cleaning furniture to lifting your mood and helping you chill right out.

Bergamot essential oil

A natural mood lifter, bergamot essential oil will be a good housemate once you’re surrounded by nothing but silence for the first time in six or seven weeks! Burning or diffusing a little bergamot essential oil will help to boost your spirits and energy levels as you settle back into the term-time routine.

Bergamot oil also makes a superb room refresher so you can throw open all the doors and windows to freshen the house up then use the strong, citrusy scent of bergamot to make a mixture in a spritz bottle to spray over carpets and furniture to help freshen them up after a punishing summer holiday of being jumped all over.

Lavender essential oil

But before you get to work on your chores, put aside a little time to chill out. After all, chances are you have been run off your feet all summer keeping bellies full, rooms clean and minds occupied. Lavender essential oil is a great tool to have in your kit for a host of reasons, but it’s most commonly praised for its abilities to calming abilities.

Try rubbing a couple of drops in your palms then cupping your hands over your nose and mouth and inhaling deeply. The deeply relaxing scent will help to even out a buzzing mind.

And why not kick back with a delicious drink and read the paper? Adding a drop or two of lavender essential oil to iced sparkling water creates a deliciously soothing drink – best enjoyed in the late-summer sun in your back garden after you’ve dropped the little angels off for the day.

Clary sage

Are you feeling a little anxious about the term ahead? Perhaps it’s your youngest’s first day at Big School and you’re feeling a little worried about them. Maybe you’ve struggling to get back into the swing of work after a long, hot summer and the thought of the growing workload is making your anxious. Clary sage essential oil is fantastic for relieving emotional tension, simply rub a couple of drops between your palms as above and inhale the scent slowly and deeply.

Make sure your essential oil kit is well stocked with the aromas above and you’ll soon get back into the very different swing of term time. And half term holidays will be here before you know it!