Dog-Friendly Essential Oils

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We love our dogs, and we also love a home that looks and smells beautiful, but these two do not always go hand in hand. From the dirt, saliva, hair and dander, your furry friends can cause a real stink! Regularly washing bedding, cushions and throws and bathing your dog is recommended, but sometimes we have to go the extra mile to keep the house smelling fresh. Using fragrant products throughout the home can cause harm to beloved pets, affecting their skin and causing allergies.

The good news is that natural essential oils are a fantastic alternative to supermarket air freshener products. Here, we explore which essential oils are safe for dogs, and we’ll share some easy essential oil recipes to keep your home fresh and odour free.


Essential oils safe for dogs

Natural essential oils can create a lovely smelling household without harming your dog. Diffusers, scented candles or wax melts are great ways of inviting these beautiful aromas into your home.

Natural essential oils may also help soothe anxious dogs, easing their worries with relaxing scents. A dog’s sense of smell is their superpower, so it’s vital to avoid any toxic or overpowering aromas. When using a diffuser, candle or wax melt, use it for no more than an hour a day if you have pets in the house.; this will ensure that aromas spread around the home whilst avoiding any uncomfortable irritation.

Our top six dog safe essential oils: 

  • Myrrh – known to bring a sense of calm and emotional balance, Myrrh Essential Oil is a fantastic choice to help soothe dogs at home. When diluted, it can also be used to comfort a dog with inflamed gums and may even help with teething. 
  • Frankincense – this natural oil is often used to help ease a pooch’s anxieties and even has antibacterial properties. Frankincense Essential Oil for dogs is often the oil of choice for wound healing but must be used in moderation. 
  • Chamomile – with its soft and calming nature Chamomile Essential Oil for dogs is a ‘go to’ choice.  It is known to help calm nerves and reduce pains and is excellent for their furry coats. This oil is also used to help with your dog’s allergic reactions; a perfect all-rounder!
  • Lavender – has many benefits for our canine friends but must be used with care. Known for its relaxing aromas, it can help to ease anxiety.  Due to its beautiful yet potent nature, Lavender Essential Oil for dogs should be diluted and mixed with a carrier oil in your diffusers, not one to be used on the skin, fur or ingested. 
  • Rosemary – is a great oil to keep your dog focused and energised. It is also a fantastic insect repellent, perfect for preventing mosquito bites and irritated skin when diffused. Again, Rosemary Essential Oil for dogs is not one to be used directly on the skin, but when diffused, it can be great at protecting your pup from the pests. 
  • Ginger – perfect for older dogs or those who suffer from digestion problems. Raw ginger is excellent for helping with stomach problems, yet a few drops of diluted Ginger Essential Oil on your pet’s paw or their stomach when sick may help ease symptoms. Ginger is also great for pets who experience travel and motion sickness. 

Note: These are just some of the recommended dog friendly essential oils. As always, please seek advice from your veterinary expert and conduct your research before using any products on your dog.

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Not for the felines, unfortunately!

Essential oils can be highly toxic to cats, mainly through skin contact, ingestion and inhalation. This isn’t to say you cant still enjoy creating homemade products with essential oils. Our advice: 

  • Store essential oils and other similar products out of reach of pets 
  • Wash your hands after coming into contact with essential oils 
  • Heavily dilute your essential oils in your diffusers, candles and wax melts
  • If you are diffusing, ensure your cat is kept away from the room and open the windows if possible 
  • Avoid using essential oils to clean. Cats can sneak into places only the cloth will reach and rub against any surface that they can!

Read more information on cats and essential oils on the PDSA website.

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Essential oil recipes for pet odour

We all love our dogs, but equally, we still want a beautifully smelling home. Luckily, with careful application of essential oils and products, you can achieve naturally gorgeous smelling rooms even with a mucky pup! Try some of these fantastic oil blends for pet odours when using essential oils.  

  • Lavender, Orange and Ginger 
  • Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary 
  • Peppermint, Lemon and Clove 
  • Lemongrass, Lime and Citronella 

You can also create essential oil blends that soothe anxiety and encourage a calming environment for your dog. Refer to our earlier top six dog safe essential oils and discover our essential oil blending guide for more inspiration on the best combinations. 

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Important: When creating essential blends, check it is suitable for dogs. Keep your pets away from your cleaning areas and only diffuse for one hour a day, preferably with ventilation. Take care when choosing pet-friendly essential oils, and watch out for any irritations.  Seek advice from your veterinarian if necessary. 

Through the careful and considered use of essential oils, pet owners can also enjoy the beautiful aromas that these excellent natural ingredients offer and avoid missing out. 

Important advice:

Really do your research when it comes to dog safe essential oils and for cat owners, air on the side of caution and avoid any close contact.