Designer Fragrance Oils

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Fragrance is the ultimate luxury product, one which we love to give to others and excitedly welcome for ourselves.  Considered the ‘go to’ when choosing the perfect gift, fragrances are also now a staple in our daily routine. It’s no wonder the fragrance industry is worth £40 billion worldwide.

Whether mixing it up each day with a new aroma or sticking with your signature scent, we can all agree that fragrances can be expensive. Here we share some of the best of Freshskin Beauty’s designer fragrance oils which are reminiscent of favourite high street scents but won’t break the bank.

For the gents

  • For an elegantly warm and woody aroma, try our Dynamic Fragrance Oil. This ‘boss of a scent’, similar to that of a leading German men’s brand, enjoys hints of vanilla and cardamon with a touch of fresh citrus that hits all the right notes.
  • Our Dark Orchid Blossom Fragrance Oil is enjoyed by those seeking a glamorous and timeless scent. It’s a deep seductive aroma with spicy, dark accords and comes very close to a familiar American brand we all know and love.
  • For an aroma similar to that of one belonging to an iconic British fragrance and fashion house, Noble Choo Fragrance Oil is a must. With the combination of woody, floral and citrus notes, this luxury fragrance has it all.
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For the ladies

  • Desirable Mademoiselle Fragrance Oil is our take on a French classic fragrance. Enjoy a soft amber-like aroma with vibrant orange, patchouli, and vetiver. This scent exudes opulence and luxury.
  • Divine Euphoria is our take on a bestseller from one of America’s most classic brands. Enjoy the delights of wonderful pomegranate, lotus blossom and orchids layered with liquid amber and dark mahogany. Deeply intoxicating and inviting.
  • The scent of our popular Mesmerise Fragrance Oil is out of this world. Enjoy the triple scent and long tail of aromas of delicate jasmine, soft cashmere and comforting amber. Mesmerise is inspired by a well-known French fragrance brand.
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For the guests 

Did you know that some of the most iconic hotel brands have their own signature scent? Enjoy fragrance oils that take inspiration from fragrances made explicitly for hotels across the globe. Our take on these scents means you, too, can create a feeling of luxury in the comfort of your own home.  

  • Five Star is inspired by a fragrance belonging to one of the most iconic hotels in New York. This fresh scent begins with a note of green grass, followed by vibrant ginger, lily of the valley and delicate jasmine. 
  • Extravagant is an aroma enjoyed by guests at one of the most famous hotel chains in the world. This one, in particular, has been designed for its London collection of hotels.  Its fresh and inviting notes include hints of citrus, cyclamen, and warming amber. 
  • Penthouse is a beautiful fragrance oil which takes inspiration from a scent created for one of Hong Kong’s most luxurious hotels.  Rich in citrus notes such as lemon, lime and orange complemented by the spiciness of pepper, bold ginger and gorgeous juniper, this lovely aroma ends with grounding iris, cedar and patchouli. 
  • Indulgence –  Take yourself away to the Middle East with a scent similar to that of one created for a sophisticated hotel in the heart of Dubai.  With its rich notes of sandalwood, cypress and cedar, spicy clove and smooth leather, this masculine scent is long-lasting and intoxicating. 

These all make excellent designer fragrance oils for wax melts, candles and diffusers. Just as these luxury hotels do, they are most suited to soaps, lotions, and other beauty products.  Bring the spa to your home. 

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For the devoted 

Do you know what you love and have particular scents you just can’t sway from? One of London’s most famous fragrance brands has perfected the art of listening to its audience and created specific aromas that work time and time again.  This does, however, come at a price, especially when you can recreate similar aromas using fragrance oils. Perhaps you want a perfume with pomegranate notes, the delightful smells of fig and cassis or a pear and freesia perfume. Whatever you desire, try using a designer fragrance oil to recreate some of your personal favourites.  

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As one of the UK’s leading fragrance oil suppliers, Freshskin Beauty is committed to providing only the highest quality products that are also environmentally friendly. All of our fragrance oils are vegan friendly.

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