An Introduction to Linen Water

White linen near water

Linen water is a staple household product that’s fantastic for creating and maintaining fresh-smelling laundered clothes and bed sheets. It’s so easy to use – simply spray a little over the garment while you are ironing it and let the subtle fragrances infuse the material. Fast-forward to when you climb into your freshly made bed later that day (or even that week) you’ll find yourself lounging in sweet-smelling comfort as the freshness of your linen circles your room.

A brief history of linen water

Traditionally prepared with lavender, linen oil has long been used in the south of France where lavender is in plentiful supply. It is believed that lavender has been used to scent clothes and bed sheets since as early as the 17th century. Unsurprisingly, it was also believed to have healing powers and also to ward off evil spirits. Since then, households across the world have adopted the use of linen water in its many different flavours as a fantastic way of keeping clothes smelling sweet.

Making your own linen water

You can easily prepare your own linen water at home using your favourite essential oil, combined with a mixture of water and a dash of alcohol to keep your linen water fresher for longer. For this you will need to buy a bottle with a misting nozzle. Alternatively, you can buy ready-made linen water to make your job even easier.

Linen water is available in a wide range of fragrances such as rosemary, rose geranium, orange sweet, myrtle and lemon so you’re bound to find the aroma that you’ve been looking for. It’ll arrive in a spray bottle with a misting nozzle which evenly sprays the linen water over the item you’re ironing.

Simply use it whenever you are ironing to ensure your laundry smells fresh, clean and pleasant before hanging it up or folding it away. You can also use linen water to freshen up towels and sheets that have been tucked away in storage for a while. One spritz is all it takes to make them smell like they have been freshly washed and ironed. And its uses don’t just stop at sheets and clothes either – it is also a brilliant way to freshen up furniture and even the upholstery of your car.

No house is complete without linen water in the cupboards, so stock up and get misting!