How to Use Pure Essential Oils for Destressing

Bottle aromatic oil pink rose

There isn’t a single one of us who doesn’t get affected by the effects of stress in our day-to-day lives. Stress affects mind, body and spirit, and unless it is acknowledged and treated accordingly it can go on to cause considerable damage that can be hard to reverse. Of course, some people are better at handling stress than others, and we’d wager that those people are in the know when it comes to using pure essential oils to calm down and perk up!

When you’re feeling stressed, reach for your favourite essential oil and let it work its magic. You can even make up your own blend to keep in your handbag and apply a little to the back of your neck while out and about.

Which oils are good for treating stress?

Aromatherapists are often asked which oils are the most effective when it comes to combatting stress, and the answer is plenty of them! But there are five in particular that are well known for their relaxing qualities, most notably lavender. However frankincense, vanilla, rose and chamomile are also fantastic stress-beaters, so it’s a great idea to experiment with all five and find out which works the best for you.

How to use your stress-busting essential oils

Always remember that, in their pure form, essential oils are very potent indeed and, applied directly, could cause skin burns, irritation and rashes. It is therefore essential that you blend your pure essential oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba or almond oil. Once the oil has been diluted you can use it as a massage oil or apply it with a warm compress. If you really want to maximise the benefits then add a couple of drops to your bath salts, or burn it carefully in a diffuser.

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Whenever you experiment with essential oils it’s important to do a bit of homework first to ensure that the oils you are using are suitable for you – for example there are certain ones that should not be used in pregnancy. If you are in any doubt then always check with an aromatherapist.

There can be no doubt as to the effectiveness of pure essential oils when used to treat stress, anxiety and depression. In this busy world you deserve to sit back and relax, so let the delicate fragrance of your favourite essential oil surround you and melt away the stress.