Cosy up With These Top Five Autumnal Essential Oils

Trees and leaves autumn sunlight

When the nights start to draw in, the leaves turn brown and the temperatures begin to dip, there can be a huge amount of pleasure to be gained from doing absolutely nothing at all. Gone are the heady summer days of rushing about, partying and trying to do it all… this is a time for stillness, calm and tranquility.

Lighting a fire and snuggling up under your favourite blanket with a warming cup of cocoa and your favourite book is one of the most pleasurable ways to spend an evening. Throw your favourite essential oils into the mix and all of a sudden things start to feel even cosier than ever. Here are our five favourite autumnal essential oils:


Ginger is a wonderful scent, especially when emanating from a diffuser. It has a natural warmth and spiciness that is comforting and relaxing and there’s nothing like the scent of it to fill your house with the scent of autumn.

Sweet Orange

With Christmas fast approaching, sweet orange is an evocative fragrance for your home that’ll bring plenty of childhood memories flooding back. When used in aromatherapy it promotes relaxation and warmth, and a couple of drops in your bath will set you up for bedtime.


Is there anything that evokes the sights and smells of autumn quite like cinnamon? Scent your candles with this gorgeous spicy oil and delicious streams will waft through your home turning it into a snug haven.


Frankincense, or any of the other coniferous oils such as juniper, fir or bergamot, immediately conjures up the intoxicating, verdant scents of the forest. Fill your home with these beautiful fragrances to bring your senses alive.


Known to be a proven stress-reducer, Clove oil it’s great to have on hand when life gets on top of you. And it smells divine!

Keeping your cupboards stocked with your favourite essential oils is the best way to get yourself through the autumn and winter months.