The 10 Best Fragrance Oils for Candles


If you love to fill your home with your favourite scents, creating your own homemade candles is a great way to enjoy your best-loved fragrances in your own space. Fragrance oil is far more suited to candle making than essential oils, and we have a scent to suit your every mood.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our selection of candle fragrance oils, or take a look at some of our best-sellers below.

The best fragrance oils for candles


Vanilla Fragrance Oil

If you’re new to candle making, vanilla fragrance oil is a great oil to start with. This fragrance oil has a creamy scent with tempting notes of coconut, chocolate and sugar. Tantalise the senses with this sweet aroma, perfect for blending into the background while you enjoy time in your favourite space.

Vanilla is a gentle, uplifting fragrance that gently lightens the atmosphere in any room. Whether you’re creating a homemade candle to burn before bed, or to add a little fragrance to the living room, a simple vanilla fragrance oil is always a winner.

Fresh Linen Fragrance Oil

Have you ever wished you could capture the scent of freshly washed clothes even when it’s not a washing day? Well, how about creating your own candle using the gorgeous fresh linen fragrance oil?

This fragrance oil effortlessly captures the fresh and clean feeling of newly washed sheets. Zesty citrus notes and light-hearted florals give way to a musky, woody base note scent. Those happy citrus tones make this fragrance oil a real mood booster, so it’s ideal for an understated candle that gently soothes the cares of the day away.

Christmas Spice Fragrance Oil

Nothing smells as good as Christmas, and the Freshskin Beauty Christmas spice fragrance oil literally bottles up festive feelgood. With an aroma that seems to warm you from within, this fragrance oil combines Christmassy notes of cinnamon and clove with the scent of plums and crushed vanilla pods.

Hands down one of the best fragrance oils for candle making in the run up to Christmas, this one is all about filling your home with unabashed nostalgia. Christmas spice candles will make great stocking fillers for your friends and family, as they’re bound to ask how your house smells so sumptuous at Christmas.

Coconut Fragrance Oil

What is it about the smell of coconut that conjures visions of sandy beaches and crystal-clear seas? Adding coconut fragrance oil to a homemade candle means you can enjoy the spirit and scent of summer any time of the year.

It’s no surprise that the powdery scent of coconut relieves stress and provides comfort. Add this popular fragrance oil to your scented candle and enjoy the smell of sunshine throughout the house. If you like to while away wintry nights with a long hot bath, create a coconut candle and breathe in this distinctive scent while you dream of warmer days. One of our natural fragrance oils, coconut is a favourite all year round.

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Rose Fragrance Oil

We have to say, rose is easily one of the best fragrance oils for candles. Everyone loves the sweet scent of a rose, and this fragrance offers an instant lift to those who encounter it. A classic, elegant aroma, our rose fragrance oil even has hints of grassy notes to really capture the feeling of being in an English country garden.

Add rose fragrance oil to soy candles to create unique vegan-friendly gifts. If you’re creating your own candles to burn around the home, remember that even just a little rose oil goes a long way.

Parma Violet Fragrance Oil

Choosing the best fragrance oils for candle making can be tricky, so we say follow your heart (and your childhood memories!). How about filling your home with the sweet scent of parma violets? Our parma violet fragrance oil combines the floral notes of heliotrope, rose, lily, iris and just a little spice to set it off.

This is one scented candle the kids will love as much as the grown-ups, and it’s perfect for burning in the dining room during family meals or in the lounge during a cosy film night.

Mango Fragrance Oil

Every now and then, you’ll want to create a candle with a touch of the tropical, and that’s where our mango fragrance oil comes in. This fragrance unlocks instant feelgood vibes, and combines notes of papaya, orange, raspberry and apple.

There’s an exotic feel to this sweet summery fragrance, and it’s one of our best fragrance oils for candles to burn in the bathroom or the bedroom. Those flirty fruity notes will have you feeling happy in no time and ready to relax.

Lavender & Vanilla Fragrance Oil

We know that many of you create your own candles to tackle feelings of stress, and what could be more soothing than our lavender and vanilla fragrance oil? Blending two gentle yet distinctive scents, this relaxing oil harnesses the grounding properties of lavender with the uplifting effects of vanilla.

This oriental aroma sports a fruity top note, combined with a floral body of rose, lily, muguet, lavender and jasmine. A base of sweet, powdery vanilla gives this fragrance oil a reassuring effect that calms a troubled mind.

Lavender & Vanilla Fragrance Oil

Sea Spray Fragrance Oil

It may not be possible to wander along the beach every time we crave the smell of the sea, but our sea spray fragrance oil captures the essence of crashing waves so we can enjoy them in our homes. Unwind with top notes of mandarin, lemon, green leaf and violet, complemented by lavender and a backdrop of sandalwood, cedar, amber, musk and patchouli.

The best fragrance oils for candles transport us to our favourite places, and this one does exactly that. Perfect for scented candles for the bathroom after a long day, this fragrance oil leaves rooms smelling fresh and invigorating.

Meditation Fragrance Oil

We have a whole selection of relaxing fragrance oils, but our meditation oil offers the perfect blend of aromas for those times when you want to tune out. Use this fragrance oil to create a candle especially for your meditation sessions.

Our meditation fragrance oil combines sweet florals, zesty sweet orange, gentle green leaf and chamomile and mimosa and violet leaf. With base notes of sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla, this oil blends into a soothing candle perfect for switching off.

Our fragrance oil starter kit makes it easy to create your first few candles, or why not treat yourself or a loved one to one of our gift sets?