Essential Oil Blends for Sleep

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We’ve all been there…watching the minutes on the alarm clock tick slowly by while we struggle to drop off. A good night’s sleep is important to our physical health and emotional wellbeing, and there’s nothing more frustrating than feeling wide awake when it’s time for a well-deserved snooze.

Most of us experience disrupted sleeping patterns from time to time and failing to get the recommended seven to eight hours of kip can impact every aspect of our daily lives.

More and more people are turning to the natural benefits of essential oils to help secure a restful night’s sleep. With soothing scents and calming properties, there are all kinds of essential oils with the power to ease you into a blissful, undisturbed sleep.

Our favourite essential oils for sleep

To help you create the perfect recipe for your bedside diffuser or your evening bath, here are five of our favourite essential oils for sleep…

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Sleep can be more elusive than ever during periods of stress, and bergamot essential oil is a crucial weapon in your insomnia arsenal. A zesty alternative to more traditional scents such as lavender, bergamot has a unique, citrus-style scent that offers an instant little lift. Why not create a scented candle with the citrus scent of bergamot to soothe a tired mind before bed?


There’s a comforting quality to the floral scent of geranium essential oil. Whether you add it to your diffuser or enjoy it in the bath, geranium oil helps to boost the senses after a long day. If you’re struggling to sleep due to the menopause or other women’s problems, geranium essential oil helps to balance hormones and calm the mind for sleep.


There’s barely an over-the-counter sleep aid that doesn’t include lavender, and that’s because it promotes relaxation and quiets the mind. The sweet, soothing scent of lavender essential oil helps to reduce anxiety, preparing the mind and body for sleep. Pop a few drops in your diffuser and read for a while, before letting this powerful fragrance work its magic.

Cedarwood Atlas

Many turn to this base note essential oil to create a peaceful, ambient space perfect for meditation. If you’re hoping to meditate before you head to bed, add a few drops of cedarwood atlas oil to the diffuser to still your mind and drift away.

Ylang Ylang

Inhale the exotic scent of ylang ylang and you’ll instantly feel the tension start to leave your body. A firm favourite in any bedside blend, ylang ylang essential oil entices those who breathe its scent to relax and unwind. Derived from the beautiful flowers of the Cananga tree, this essential oil is often included in essential oil diffuser blends for sleep.

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Grounding Essential Oil Blend

The best essential oil blends for sleep

If you can’t choose just one fragrance to help you get your forty winks, there are many relaxing essential oil blends for sleep. These diffuser recipes combine relaxing essential oils and grounding essential oils that work together to help you relax, unwind and nod off.

Silent night

This powerful blend combines the peaceful powers of frankincense with the calming qualities of chamomile and cedarwood. For thousands of years, frankincense has been used in spiritual rituals, and it’s still believed to have a quieting effect on a troubled mind.

The captivating fragrance of cedarwood has a comforting quality, complemented by the powerful scent of chamomile. Breathe in, close your eyes and let this recipe transport you to another time.

The recipe:

Bye bye anxiety

Insomnia doesn’t stand a chance against the calming powers of lavender and bergamot essential oil. Both fragrances ground the mind and soothe the body, making this simple blend perfect for a stress-free slumber.

An oldie but a goodie, lavender essential oil is still the first port of call for many when insomnia strikes. When combined with the citrus scent of bergamot, lavender creates an intoxicating diffuser blend for sleep when you need it most.

The recipe:

The sweetest sleep

Savour these sweet scents as you slowly drift off and let the soothing effects of lavender work with the uplifting powers of sweet orange. Together, these distinctive aromas will leave you feeling refreshed and balanced as you face a new day.

Cold-pressed from the skins of yummy sweet oranges, our sweet orange essential oil has an uplifting effect on the senses and helps to reduce anxiety. In this blend, its power works in harmony with the sweet, floral fragrance of lavender to lower your stress levels and leave you feeling sleepy.

The recipe:

Midsummer night’s dream

Allow two beautifully heady scents to set the scene for a good night’s sleep. With rich aromas boasting woody notes, these essential oils will combine to create a musky aroma both men and women will love.

Said to inspire feelings of hope, patchouli essential oil is a flexible oil with a base note aroma. Sandalwood adds a hint of luxury with a deep, sweet fragrance often found in homemade skincare recipes. Together, these striking scents will captivate the senses and inspire a dream-filled night.

The recipe:

Complete clarity

Clearing your mind is the first step to undisturbed sleep. The fresh, punchy scents of eucalyptus and peppermint combine with the soothing powers of lavender to clear the mind and calm the body for the night ahead.

As eucalyptus clears the airways before you get comfortable, let the fresh scent of peppermint cleanse the energy in your bedroom. Finally, the trusty aroma of lavender will create a soothing setting for a quiet night.

The recipe:

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Create your own blends

Read our blending guide for hints and tips to make your own essential oil diffuser blends for sleep.