Our 5 Favourite Fruity Oils

essential oil bottle with oranges

Whether used as an air freshener in the home or to create delicious scented candles, essential oils are a wise investment for any home. But which essential oils are packed with fruity scents that are guaranteed to put a spring in your step?

We’ve selected the following essential oils as our five favourite fruity oils, combining both essential oils and fragrance oils. Try them out and see if you agree!

Orange sweet essential oil

Every home needs a citrus blast, especially as you approach the summer months. In addition to being a light and crisp oil for sunnier weather, orange oil can also be used around Christmas to create a festive and warm ambience.

Lemon essential oil

Lemon oil is uplifting and revitalizing and is packed full of antioxidants, making it the perfect addition to skincare products in need of a citrus overhaul. With a scent that’s similar to fresh lemon rinds, lemon essential oil has a light and crisp aroma.

Cinnamon apple fragrance oil

Recreate that magical Christmas feeling and design a festive fragrance that will see you through the year with a warm glow. Not to be confused with an essential oil, cinnamon apple oil is a fragrance oil which blends the woody aroma of cinnamon with the light and crisp scent of apples to create a subtle flavour that’s perfect for a perfume or a scented candle.

Fruit salad fragrance oil

Nothing is more inviting in the home then the scent of a fresh fruit bowl. Bursting with luscious fruity aromas and perfect for summer, fruit salad fragrance oil is ideal for making your very own scented candle that’ll freshen up a living space within seconds. Alternatively, you can use fruit salad essential oil to spruce up a range of products such as soaps, hair remedies and skincare products.

Lime essential oil

Packed with invigorating and stimulating undertones, lime essential oil is the perfect oil to in your skincare regime, whether you’re creating products from scratch or simply adding it to existing products.

Fruity essential oils and fragrance oils are so dense with rich aromas that you only need to use a small amount to make a big difference. Whether you’re looking to create your very own scented candle for your home, or as a gift to friends and family, fragrance oils can immediately transform a living space. Similarly, if you’re looking to burn essential oils in the home as a chemical-free air freshener, using fruit-scented oils makes an instant impression and provides a long-lasting residue scent for you to come home to, every single day.