An Introduction to Baby Powder Fragrance Oil

baby laying down

There’s nothing quite as homely as the smell of baby powder. Whether it takes you back to your early years, or those precious first few months with a newborn baby, we all love the fruity and sweet scent of baby powder. The great news is now you can create that irresistible scent in your home all-year-round, even if your babies have flown the nest!

Baby Powder Fragrance Oil is a fresh and clean fragrance with a powdery and delicate floral undertone. It is gently infused with a range of oils to create this luxuriously decadent flavour including soothing vanilla, warm lilies and fresh pink roses.

But how can you use Baby Powder Fragrance Oil in the home? Since this oil is a fragrance oil as opposed to an essential oil, you can create a wide range of household products yourself to replicate the gorgeous scent of baby powder.

Let’s look at the many ways in which you can use Baby Powder Fragrance Oil in the home and for a fraction of the cost of big-brand products.


Perhaps one of the most popular uses for Baby Powder Fragrance Oil, soaps are easy to make and last a long time, making them a cost effective solution for bath time. Drop a splash of this fragrance oil into your soap to create sweet-smelling baby-soft skin for all of the family. Since you don’t need to use much fragrance oil in your soap, just a little Baby Powder Fragrance Oil will go a long way.


If you’re looking to create a homely and warm ambience in your home, simply add a few drops of this fragrance oil into your candles. The beautiful floral scents will transform your living space into a fresh and clean environment for you to relax in. For a little extra indulgence, use these scented candles in your baby’s bedroom or nursery to create that freshly washed baby smell that lasts all day.


Create your very own baby powder-scented face and body products and enjoy the sweet scent of vanilla on your skin. Whether you’re looking to make a moisturiser, exfoliator, body butter or hand cream, adding a few drops of Baby Powder Fragrance Oil will make all the difference.

Hair care

Spruce up your shampoo and conditioner with a little Baby Powder Fragrance Oil. The gentle scent of lilies and roses will make your hair smell divine for days after washing. If you’re looking for a little extra TLC, make your own intensive conditioner using this irresistibly delicious oil to create a soft and gentle hair mask to restore your hair’s natural shine.

Whether you’re a newcomer to making your own household products, or you’re a dab hand at creating your own remedies, using Baby Powder Fragrance Oil in your products is a great way to create a warm, sweet and crisp aroma.

Stock up on a supply of Baby Powder Fragrance Oil today and transform your skin, hair and home!