Homemade Room Spray Recipes

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Room sprays are a great way to leave your home smelling gorgeous. Offering a quick and simple way to add a burst of fragrance, a DIY room spray will last for a few hours, transforming your mood without costing the earth. Whether you’re looking to feel fresh and energised in the morning or create peaceful, relaxed spaces to unwind at night, homemade room sprays are incredibly versatile and so easy to make that you’ll want one for every room.

Here we show you how to make a room spray with essential oils at home, the benefits of using them and some of our favourite homemade room spray recipes.

The benefits of room spray

  • Room sprays can make your home smell wonderful. Choose aromas to suit your desired mood, from uplifting and refreshing scents to relaxing and calming blends.
  • Made from essential oils, they are all-natural with no toxic ingredients.
  • They are eco-friendly; no aerosol is required, just a spray bottle.
  • They are a great alternative to scented candles when you’d like to avoid an open flame; good news for those with young children and pets.
  • They put the finishing touch on a busy day cleaning, adding an extra boost of fragrance around the home.
  • They are great to use after dinner, helping to hide lingering aromas if you’ve cooked up something a little smelly.
  • They’re easy to carry around with you. Pop a bottle of room spray into your bag and use it on the go; perfect for cars and offices or the odd stinky public loo!
  • Pet owners love using them to cover up the smell of their four-legged friend.
  • They are versatile. Use subtle wafts for an instant lift, spray generously for more intense aromas, leave a bottle in the bathroom or loo, or use them to freshen up clothes and furnishings.
  • It’s easy to leave your home smelling like your favourite natural aromas or designer fragrances.
  • The right essential oil blends help room sprays to improve moods and ease anxieties through their beautiful, uplifting and therapeutic scents.
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How to make essential oil room spray

The main thing to remember when creating a room spray is to be creative. There are so many aromas you can use in a room spray, and you can create new ones whenever you feel like it. It takes just three simple ingredients to make your room spray; distilled water, essential oils and witch hazel. The witch hazel plays a very important role by helping the water and oils to combine. 

To make your essential oil room spray, follow these four simple steps: 

Step 1

Take a glass spray bottle and fill it ¾ full with distilled water. 

Step 2

Fill the rest of the bottle with witch hazel almost to the top.

Step 3

Add 20 to 40 drops of your chosen essential oils. 

Step 4

Add your bottle spray top and shake well to mix the ingredients (and remember to give it a shake every time you use it)

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Homemade room spray recipes

From a simple calming lavender room spray to a beautiful blend of uplifting essential oils, do your research and find the aromas which work for you. You may just want to go simple with one ingredient or use a combination of essential oils to create your perfect room spray blend.

Not sure where to start? Read on to discover some of our favourite essential oil room spray recipes to get you started.

Our room spray recipes are designed for use in a 4oz (120ml) glass spray bottle. For larger quantities, adjust the recipes accordingly.

Fresh sheets

Feel as though you are enjoying a 5* luxury hotel stay with this fresh linen inspired aroma. 

Summer breeze

Enjoy the sense of a soft summer breeze through the window on a sunny day. 

Settle in

Enjoy a relaxing night in with this earthy and grounding blend. 

Feeling festive

Create the ultimate Christmas vibe with this wintertime room spray blend. 

Wild woodland

Take a sensory journey through wild forests with this magical trail. 

Take it room by room

As you go on your journey in experimenting with room fragrance sprays, you may find that what works well in one room doesn’t so much in another. You may want a more relaxing aroma in the bedroom and an uplifting scent in the bathroom or kitchen. 

Here are some quick and easy essential oil blends for each room in the house to get you started. 

The important thing to remember is to play around with your aromas when creating a homemade room spray. Find combinations which work for each room, mood and situation, whether that be energising, relaxing, cleansing or grounding; there are so many blends to enjoy and practice with. Use room sprays at home and on the go as an effortless way to create an instant mood-boosting effect and freshen up any space. 

Discover our essential oils blending guide for more inspiration.

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Ready-made aromas

If you are still unsure about which aromas to choose, try using fragrance oil in your room spray.  We recommend using 25% of fragrance oil in your mixture with distilled water. 25% of fragrance oil will smell super strong, so you may wish to reduce this depending on your preferences. We advise starting with a small amount and adding more.  

Remember: Fragrance oils smell lovely; however, they do not offer the same benefits essential oils do. Read our recent blog to discover the differences

Play around and choose your desired aroma. The variety is endless, from designer fragrances and floral blends to winter aromas to those that smell like your favourite food.