Using essential oils at bedtime

lavender growing in the fields on a summers day

With summer in full swing, the days are as long as they get all year. Snuggling up and drifting off is much easier when it’s dark and cold outside, but when the sun refuses to retire until well into the evening, it can be a little harder to nod off. Our inability to settle probably harks back to our childhood days when we were packed off to bed while it still felt like midday outside!

The great news is that aromatherapy has long been used to help you relax before a great night’s sleep. So as well as the usual sleep preparation (avoiding screens, reading a good book and enjoying a warm milky drink), read on to discover the very best essential oils for promoting a calm and relaxing bedtime.

Lavender essential oil

Of all the essential oils, lavender probably gets the most press. It’s hugely versatile and can be used in anything from your cleaning products to your cooking kit. Try making your own pillow spray by combining a little rubbing alcohol with some distilled water and adding a few drops of lavender to the mix. Pop it into a spray bottle and lightly spritz your pillow each night about an hour before bed. You could also try using a sleep mask and spritzing that, too.

Roman chamomile essential oil

The light, floral aroma of roman chamomile essential oil is great for helping you unwind ahead of ‘lights out’ time. A great way to use this oil is by adding it to a little coconut oil and rubbing the mixture into the soles of your feet before you get into bed. The calming massaging motion combined with the gentle moisturisation of coconut oil and the warm scent of roman chamomile has got to be one of the best relaxation formulas we’ve ever found.

Bergamot essential oil

This deliciously sweet citrus oil is great for setting the mood for bedtime. You can enjoy the calming properties of bergamot by direct palm inhalation ahead of bedtime: simply place a single drop in your palm, rub your hands together and cup them over your nose and mouth, breathing in and out deeply.

Cedarwood essential oil

The warming, deep scent of cedarwood is the perfect mate for the snooze routine. Comforting and gently invigorating, the delicious aroma of cedarwood is perfect for burning or diffusing in the evening to help ready your mind and body for a great night’s sleep.

Sleep peacefully

So banish restless nights by restocking your essential oils collection with the options above.