How to Make Hoover Discs with Fragrance Oil

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Scented hoover discs are all the rage and a brilliant way to freshen up your home. By utilising the airflow produced every time you vacuum, a hoover disc disperses beautifully fragranced and filtered air throughout your home. 

A perfect DIY project for fragrance oil lovers who are looking to save money and cut down on packaging, scented hoover discs instantly turn your vacuum cleaner into a portable diffuser. Hoover discs are particularly handy in homes with pets (and teenagers!), helping eliminate unwelcome odours.

How to use a hoover disc

Safe, easy to use and mess-free, hoover discs are so simple they might even make you want to hoover your carpets more regularly than usual! Just place one scented disc into your vacuum cleaner’s new bag or empty cylinder, and you’ll benefit from a burst of beautiful fragrance throughout your home every time you use it. 

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How to make homemade hoover discs with fragrance oil

The quickest and most effective way to make homemade hoover discs is by using fragrance oils. Giving you the chance to choose from hundreds of amazing scents, DIY hoover discs are fun to make and satisfying to use! 

Homemade hoover disc ingredients

To make all natural homemade hoover discs, you will need the following: 

  • 1 cup baking soda 
  • 4 tablespoons of distilled water
  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • 25 drops of your chosen fragrance oil or essential oils
  • Glass mixing bowl 
  • A mini muffin or cookie pan (preferably with at least 20 shallow moulds) – silicone is better if possible

Make your own hoover disc instruction:

  1. Combine all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well
  2. Add the mixture evenly to your cookie pan
  3. Leave to dry overnight (do not try to extract the discs whilst they are still wet or damp, they will fall apart)
  4. Once dry, remove the discs, store in a dry safe place and place a hoover disk in the filter of your hoover or vacuum cylinder


  • Please keep your hoover discs out of reach of children and pets 
  • Wash your hands immediately after handling the hoover discs 
  • When you can no longer smell an aroma, change your hoover disc 
  • Clean your hoover regularly, following the manufacturer’s advice to prevent blockages or damage to the filter
Three glass bottles of fragrance oil with candle in background

The best fragrance oils to use to make hoover discs

Do you enjoy the smell and uplifting aroma of fresh linen? Or perhaps you want a cosy festive feel around the home this winter? Here are some of our favourite fragrance oils when making a scented hoover disc. 

Floral and floaty

If you love the smell of fresh flowers in the home and the joy they bring, floral fragrance oils are a perfect choice.  Go classic with ever-popular Rose, soothe the senses with Neroli or embrace the joys of spring with Bluebell. These aromas are sure to bring a sense of happiness to the room. 

Fresh and uplifting

Fresh fragrance oils in your scented hoover discs will revive the senses and refresh all of the spaces in your home. Enjoy the smell of newly washed laundry with Fresh Linen Fragrance Oil, or fill your home with our evocative Sea Spray for a fresh, coastal aroma. To kickstart a morning cleaning session, try our best-selling  Spring Awakening, which combines a host of beautiful Springtime favourites.

Spicy and woody

As the colder months kick in, you may wish to swap the aromas in your hoover discs to meet the need for comfort. Spicy and woody fragrance oils work great in the home on blustery, damp winter days. Enjoy delicious Cinnamon Apple, feel a sense of nostalgia with Leather and Tobacco or find some peace and calm with White Woods and Amaryllis

Relaxing and chilled

Our home is our sanctuary, and we often seek aromas to reflect that. Use relaxing fragrance oils to create peaceful and serene environments to escape stressful and busy lives. For the ultimate relaxing hoover disc, try classic Vanilla with its beautiful creamy scent, steady the mind with Meditation Fragrance Oil or find comfort in the lovely scent of Blossom Tea

Have fun when making your own hoover discs!

Whatever the mood or time of year, have fun making your hoover discs. This quick and easy way to create beautiful smelling air fresheners means you can experiment with different scents and change them whenever you want. There is a whole world of fragrances to enjoy, whether you fill your home with the smells of your favourite foods, designer perfumes or festive aromas, or you could even take a trip down memory lane with the scents of Retro Sweet Fragrance Oils

Quick and easy to create and a beautifully smelling home as a result, what’s not to love about a homemade hoover disc? 

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