Floral Essential Oils for Springtime


Without a doubt, using essential oils in your day-to-day life brings with it many benefits. Whether you’re using them to spruce up the scent in your home and create a warm and relaxing ambience, or making your own household or beauty products such as soap, perfume or skin moisturisers, there’s a very good reason why they’re called essential oils!

But which essential oils are the real must-haves? Since different seasons call for different scents, creating the right aroma can be a challenge. For winter and autumn, you might want to add a little festive spice to your home using scents such as cinnamon and orange. For the summer, you might like some citrus scents, bursting with crisp and fresh undertones. But what are the best scents to choose as you approach springtime? Let’s look at the different types of floral essentials oils to give you and your home a refreshing upgrade.

Patchouli essential oil

Bursting with a warm, earthy aroma, patchouli oil oozes the scent of fresh fruit, creating an instant welcoming environment in your home. Made with a fragrant herb combining soft oval leaves and square roots, patchouli is an unusual scent and it will make a real impact in your living space.

Rose geranium essential oil

Similar to the scent of rose oil, rose geranium essential oil combines irresistible floral notes with a sweet and herbaceous flavour. Once designed to help keep evil spirits at bay, the geranium plant is steamed to produce this spring-like scent and can be blended with other classic oils such as jasmine and rosemary to create an inviting and relaxing environment in the home.

Neroli fragrance oil

Specially formulated for use in household products such as soaps, skincare and candles, neroli fragrance oil is extremely rich, so a little drop goes a long way. Designed to freshen your beauty products with a springtime edge, neroli fragrance oil is perfect for lovers of DIY hair and beauty.

Lavender oil

Bursting with a sweet, floral and herbaceous aroma, lavender is a must-have oil for every home, particularly as you approach sunnier weather. Made from lavender flower heads, this highly exotic and complex oil has a crisp and warm woody undertone that’s perfect for the spring.

Geranium essential oil

Much like rose geranium oil, geranium essential oil has a scent which is packed full of sweet and herbaceous aromas and has an addictively warm scent. Geranium essential is also known to calm irritability and relax the mind, too.

For a springtime upgrade, investing in a few essential oils can make a big difference. You can simply burn these oils using an oil burner to create an inviting and cosy living space, or you can use them to create your very own chemical-free household and beauty products. Treat yourself to some of these springtime classics and enjoy the warm and crisp feeling of spring, no matter what the weather.