Essential Oils, Fragrances and Soaps for Christmas

Christmas candles and ornaments over dark background with lights

For most of us, scents can evoke a multitude of heart-warming memories and associations. And few scents bring Christmas to mind quite like warm cinnamon, rich cloves and fresh pine needles.

So give the gift of fragrance this Christmas with essential oils, fragrances and soaps. Whether you’re developing your own concoctions or gifting a creative friend, read on to discover the most Christmassy scents that money can buy.

Essential and fragrance oils for Christmas gifts

Create your own unique gifts this Christmas by stocking up on versatile essential oils. Jingle Bell Berries fragrance oil makes a wonderful base for all kinds of fragrant craftiness; pick up a mini 10ml tot or go all out with a bumper 5000ml bottle. This delicate scent has been concocted to awaken anyone’s festive spirit, and makes an inspiring ingredient for shower gels, bath salts, lotions and so much more.

Use it to produce deliciously fragrant candles, luxurious festive soaps and beautiful potpourri to surprise and delight your friends. Stock up on attractive packaging too and you can create unique, personal gifts that’ll really wow them this Christmas.

Frankincense essential oil

Looking for something traditional as well as festive? Frankincense essential oil helps you create invigorating scented gifts with a grounded aroma of rich, woody notes to relax and revive.

And it doesn’t get more Christmassy than the lush bouquet of steam-distilled pine needle essential oil. Use this crisp, fresh fragrance to make your own oil for burners this Christmas, or even create your own shampoo for pine-fresh, luscious locks.

Christmas spice

Or, if you really want Christmas in a bottle, try Christmas Spice fragrance oil to create festive skincare products. This warming, festive scent is packed with notes of rich cinnamon, ripe, juicy plum and freshly crushed vanilla pods. A bottle of homemade liquid soap will have you emerging from the bathroom in a cloud of deliciously scented steam.

Of course, even if you don’t make your own soaps, candles and other concoctions, these Christmas-themed fragrance oils make a beautiful gift for an inventive friend. Deliver a little bottle along with a craft book to inspire their creative side.

Say it with scents

No matter who you’re buying or making for, festive-scented homemade products make a touching, unique gift that will last and last. So get creative with these Yuletide-inspired scents and fill your home with the smell of Christmas!