Create Your Own Custom Scented Reed Diffuser

Reed diffuser with sticks

Crafting your own custom scented reed diffuser with fragrance oils allows you to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in your home. It provides a unique and creative way to enjoy your favourite fragrances in any room.

What are Reed Diffusers and How Do They Work?

Reed diffusers are a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to scent your space without the need for candles, oils, or electricity. But how do they work? In this blog post, we’ll discuss what reed diffusers are and how they work so you can decide if they’re right for your space.

Reed diffusers are fragrance diffusers that use rattan or bamboo reeds to disperse a scented solution into the air. The liquid within the diffuser is usually composed of fragrant oils, solvents, and alcohols that allow the scent to be released into the air. This scented liquid is stored in a container that has narrow openings with reeds placed in them.

As the reeds soak up the aromatic liquid from their base container, it is then evaporated into the atmosphere through direct contact with oxygen molecules in the air. This evaporation process allows fragrances to fill a room without requiring heat or open flames from a candle. Basically, when you light a candle, wax melts releasing vapors filled with essential oils containing scents that evaporate into your environment; whereas when you use reed diffusers there’s no heat required as these same essential oil-infused liquids evaporate off of these hollow reeds as soon as they draw them up from their reservoir below.

It’s important to remember that reed diffusers require regular maintenance which includes turning your reeds every few days so all sides absorb liquid evenly, replacing depleted reeds – usually after 2 months – if you want your scent to stay strong or after 4-6 months if you want a gentle hint of fragrance in your home at all times. You will also need to occasionally replenish the oil in your reservoir depending on how much evaporation has occurred since last refill time.

Overall, using a reed diffuser is an easy way to get fragrance in any room without any fuss or mess! From wax melts and candles to incense sticks and electric options such as plug-in warmers there are many ways to scent our environment but none quite as stylishly effortless as using a reed diffuser!

Ingredients to Make Homemade Reed Diffuser

For most homemade reed diffuser recipes, you will need: a base liquid such as augeo clean multi; a fragrance oil of your choice; and bamboo sticks. The first ingredient is the base liquid, which acts as a carrier for the oils which provide all of the wonderful scents. Augeo Clean Multi is an excellent choice as this unscented base oil can be added to any fragrance oil to provide a longer lasting scent; simply combine with your own choice of fragrance oil upto a maximum percentage of 25% for impressive scent throw.

The next ingredient is a fragrance oil, which are available in many different varieties – ranging from fruity fragrances like coconut or mango to unique fragrances such as lime, basil & mandarin or dragon fruit & ginger sorbet. When making your own reed diffuser blend at home, start by recognising the size of your vessel so you can work out how much Augeo Clean Multi and fragrance oil you need whilst also checking the fragrance oils IFRA document to see the maximum dose level of the fragrance for diffusers. You may opt to blend more than one oil together to create a custom scent but beware that some combinations may not work well together so test out each blend in a small container first before pouring into a larger vessel.

Lastly, you will need some of our reed diffuser sticks to diffuse the scent throughout the room. Inserting them into the base liquid allows them to absorb the fragrance over time, thus releasing them slowly into the air for sustained aromatherapy!

Making homemade reed diffusers isn’t hard – with these basic ingredients, anyone can make their own custom-scented diffuser with ease! Whether it’s for gifting or personal use, try experimenting with different blends and vessels for unique results each time!

Can I Top Up My Reed Diffuser with a Different Scent and Use the Same Reeds?

Once reeds have been used for a certain scent, you cannot use them for another scent. The best way to go about it is to start by emptying the existing liquid from your reed diffuser and using paper towels or a cotton cloth to clean off any residue or sediment left on the sides of the container. Once done, simply add your augeo clean multi and your chosen fragrance oil.

It is also important to remember that before you’ve topped up your diffuser with a new fragrance, you will have to replace your existing reeds. If you don’t – the scent that is already absorbed into your reeds will mix with the new scent and could produce undesirable scent combinations. Additionally, be sure not to place too many reeds in a single container as this may hamper evaporation and reduce their diffusion time – resulting in less aroma released into the air.

If you have refilled your diffuser and the reeds are completely saturated or are no longer giving off scent, then they may be clogged with dust. For best results, we suggest replacing the reeds after about 2-4 months of use – this will ensure that you can enjoy a fragrant atmosphere for longer!

Customise Your Experience with Different Types of Reed Diffuser Sticks

Our reed diffuser sticks come in a range of colours from pink, purple, green, black, dark brown and natural. This allows you to choose a hue that will blend naturally within the surrounding decor in your home. There are also many scents available for reed diffuser sticks so you can choose something fitting for any room in the house!