Celebrate Earth Day With These Plastic-Free Alternatives

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You’ll have noticed that social media and newsfeeds are increasingly focused on plastic waste these days, as the world is finally waking up and realising that this issue is a ticking bomb. The exponential growth of plastic use as the global population expands now threatens the very survival of our beautiful home planet. From littering our beaches and landscapes to poisoning and injuring marine life, plastic waste is an issue that can’t be ignored any longer. It affects every one of us and will affect generations to come.

The revolution will be televised

In Britain, the hugely successful Blue Planet 2 TV series, presented by national treasure Sir David Attenborough and aired last autumn, brought the scale of the global plastic waste problem home to us, right into our living rooms, in fact. We can no longer turn a blind eye to this environmental issue.

It’s great to know that the tide of popular opinion at home and around the world is rising up against plastic pollution and there are all kinds of initiatives springing up to raise awareness of the problem.


Earth Day 2018


Did you know that 22nd April has been designated Earth Day 2018? By signing up, you can become part of the world’s largest environmental movement and be a part of the solution: https://www.earthday.org/

So, that’s on a macro scale, but what about looking at things on a micro scale: how can we use less plastic at home? If we all cut down the amount of single-use plastic we consume, we really can make a difference.

Why not celebrate Earth Day by making your own shampoo and conditioner? We can’t think of a better way to start on a journey towards using less plastic and helping to end plastic pollution.



Homemade Shampoo and Conditioner recipes


Here are some straightforward recipes for homemade shampoo and homemade conditioner to get you started. Once you’ve invested in a few specialised ingredients, you can be skin-kind and planet-friendly at the same time.

Homemade moisturising essential oil shampoo

Blend well using a ‘stick’ handheld electric blender or shake vigorously in a glass jar until combined. A glass pump bottle is ideal for storage as it makes dispensing really easy.


Homemade essential oil conditioner

First mix the carrier oil, guar gum and essential oils in a glass jar. Add distilled water. Shake well. Again, a glass pump bottle is ideal for storage.

* Choice of essential oil will depend on hair type: sage and rosemary are suitable for all hair types, so make a good base. Add lavender, sandalwood or geranium oil for dry hair or dandruff-sufferers; lemon, bergamot or tea tree oil for oily hair.

So lather up, enjoy the smell and do your bit for Earth Day this year!