Candle Making Equipment for Beginners

Making beeswax candles

Few things in life are more pleasurable than making something from scratch. The art of candle making is gaining steady popularity, thanks to its relative ease and the delightful creations that anyone can achieve.

But there are a few important bits of kit you need before getting started. You can start with the basics then build up your collection as you become more acquainted with the art, but read on to find out what you can’t do without when you’re getting started.


Naturally, you’ll need a lot of wax! But you different different types for different results. Try yellow beeswax for a naturally sweet scent to your candles, plus beeswax candles have the added benefit of burning cleanly. The cheap tealight candles which are often found on the shelves are usually made with paraffin wax which is pretty toxic and not very kind to the air around us.


You can start out with a basic range of fragrances which you already know you love. Fresh linen fragrance oil is a really popular choice for candle making, and it gives off a delightfully clean, crisp scent. As you become more adept at candle making, you can move on to blending other scents to create your own favourites.


Sometimes it’s nice to let candles retain the natural colour of the wax, but most candle-makers like to experiment with different colours and patterns. You can create block colours or mix together to create an ombre effect as you become more experienced.


Of course, a candle won’t go far without a wick. Contrary to what many people think, there’s a vast array of widths and lengths of wicks to choose from. You’ll need to choose carefully depending on the diameter and height of each candle, so it’s best to keep a range of choice within your candle-making kit.


Pick up a range of moulds so you can create a range of finished candles. Many people opt for jars (choose one with the same diameter from top to bottom, and preferably one with a diameter of three inches or less) but you can also pick up seamless pillar candle moulds and candle tins with opaque sides.


Thermometers can be found widely on the internet and they don’t cost much. You can buy a specifically designed candle-making thermometer or you could use a jam-making thermometer. Thermometers are an essential part of your candle-making kit to ensure the wax doesn’t get too hot and cause a fire hazard. You can also use it to find the ideal pouring temperature for your candle.


If you’re going to be selling your candles or giving them to friends and family as gifts, it’s important to add a warning label to provide appropriate burn and general usage instructions.

With all the above, you’ll be well on your way to creating your own beautiful candles. And as you become more of an expert, you can continue to add to your kit.

Happy candle making!