Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day candles showing 'I LOVE YOU"

Few things are more evocative for the senses than delicious scents, and aromatherapy could be just the trick to make sure your Valentine’s Day plans come off to perfection.

You can enlist the help of essential oils to create a romantic environment in the comfort of your own home, filled to the brim with delicious scents. And the great thing about delicious smells is that they have the power to conjure up memories even decades down the line, meaning your loved one will be reminded of your romantic efforts for many years to come.

So, let’s take a look at the oils that simply must play a part in your extra-special Valentine’s Day plans.

Floral essential oils

Uplifting and irresistibly delicious, floral scents are an important part of any romantically scented scene. As well as lifting the mood, floral oils can help to moisturise the skin, leaving it baby soft and smelling delicious.

One of the finest floral essential oils for romance has got to be ylang ylang. These yellow flowers were originally native to Asia, but are now grown in many other tropical locations, meaning ylang ylang is a little easier to come across.

Ylang ylang essential oil is fantastically soothing and can help to create calmness, as well as being a much-applauded aphrodisiac. Just the ticket for Valentine’s Day! But be sure to dilute according to instructions before using on the skin.

Herbal essential oils

Choose your middle note from one of the many herbal essential oils available. These can be tremendously healing and, chosen correctly, can give your aromatherapy massage oils extra aphrodisiac punch.

Patchouli essential oil is a popular choice from this category. Native to Malaysia but also widely found in South America, India and China, this evocative essential oil is created from distilled fermented leaves. As a result, it provides a deliciously woody, musky scent with a sweet edge. As well as being superb for relaxation, patchouli essential oil can be hugely useful for treating dry, sore skin.

Woody essential oils

Musky scents can be extremely evocative, so they deserve a firm place in any romantic aromatherapy recipe. Woody essential oils are also really good for the skin and have many proven aphrodisiac qualities.

A popular woody base note is cedarwood essential oil. Native to Algeria and Morocco, this delicious oil is distilled from wood, stumps and sawdust from the cedarwood tree. As a result, it’s incredibly deep, sweet and musky. It’s deep amber in colour and is suitable for most skin types (though shouldn’t be used during pregnancy). Its unique scent is similarly pleasing to both men and women, making it the perfect ingredient for a romantic Valentine’s Day to remember.

Choosing your carrier oil

If you’re planning a romantic massage this Valentine’s Day, be sure to pick the right carrier oil for the job. Most essential oils need to be diluted before they’re applied to the skin, so use a natural oil such as olive oil or almond oil as your carrier for the best results.

Here’s to a very happy Valentine’s Day this year!