5 Benefits of Shea Butter That Everyone Should Know

It might surprise you to learn that the global skincare industry is worth over $150 billion. While there are countless products that you can use, shea butter is one of the most notable. We’ve put together a brief guide on how to make the most of it.

Let’s explore everything you need to know.

1. Hair Care

Interestingly, many people don’t consider using shea butter to care for their hair. However, it’s an incredibly effective product for both men and women.

It helps nourish your scalp and adds moisture to dry hair. In many cases, it can even help reduce split ends and breakage.

2. Anti-Aging Properties

One of the most prominent benefits of using shea butter is that it can reduce wrinkles, lines, and other signs of aging.

This is due to the natural vitamins and fatty acids found in the product. Shea butter can also nourish your skin and improve its elasticity, making it appear more youthful. To help take these results further, minimize your exposure to the sun.

UV rays can be damaging to your skin and cause issues like wrinkles, age spots, and even skin cancer.

3. Healing Qualities

For those who suffer from skin imperfections or blemishes, shea butter can help facilitate healing.

When used consistently, it will dramatically reduce the appearance of scars and other marks. It can also help reduce inflammation and face redness, which is especially useful for those who suffer from eczema, dry skin, or psoriasis.

If you have eczema, use it sparingly. Overusing products can cause eczema to flare up.

4. Skin Nourishment

It’s not uncommon for people to use this product as a body lotion. Unlike other products, shea butter is incredibly moisturizing and helps protect the skin from the sun.

It can also help prevent irritation, and it soothes when applied. This is especially useful for those with dry skin.

5. Fights Against Inflammation

Inflammation is a common problem for many people, and shea butter can help reduce it. In fact, face redness is often caused by inflammation.

This product often contains cinnamic acid, an anti-inflammatory agent that helps with various skin conditions. You should note that regularly applying shea butter can help prevent inflammation in the future.

Shea Butter Usage Tips

To make the most out of this product, it’s crucial to understand how to use it.

This will help in making sure that you reach your skincare goals without incident. Listed below are some of the most notable tips.

Check the Ingredients

Make sure that you use pure, organic shea butter. There are many products on the market that contain fillers and other additives, so read the ingredients list before buying. These can be harmful to those who have allergies to certain ingredients.

If you experience an allergic reaction, stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.


Start with a small piece of shea butter and apply it in circular motions over your face or body until completely absorbed. You may need to apply it more than once if the area is particularly dry.

Using a small amount will help you determine if you are allergic to the product. If you don’t notice anything abnormal, you can apply a larger amount.

Be sure not to overdo it, though. Applying too much can make your skin oily, block your pores, and lead to breakouts.

Proper Storage

Storing shea butter is simple enough.

The best way is to keep it in a cool, dry place. Make sure that the lid is tightly closed when not in use. This will help maintain its quality and prevent bacteria from growing.

When traveling, keep it in an airtight container to protect it from moisture and contamination.

Where to Purchase

It’s essential to purchase from a reputable provider.

This way, you can be sure that the shea butter is fresh and of high quality. You can find it in health food stores, specialty boutiques, or online retailers. When searching for a provider, be sure to consider their reputation, customer reviews, and return policy.

Past feedback will provide insight into the company’s credibility and product quality. Keep an eye out for how they respond to negative reviews. They should go out of their way to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Finally, look into factors like their shipping time, return policy, and customer service. These will all help you determine if the company is worth your time and money.

Creating a Routine

Incorporating shea butter into a skincare routine is simple.

To get started, apply it after cleansing and toning your face. This will ensure that its nutrients seep into the skin’s layers. For best results, use shea butter at least twice a day for a couple of weeks to notice significant changes.

You should also implement other habits like drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly. Eliminating alcohol and smoking will have a positive effect, as well.

Afterward, you can use a moisturizer or body lotion.

Be Patient

Results won’t come overnight.

Shea butter works best when used regularly over a long period of time. You might not see immediate changes after applying the product, but if you continue using it consistently, you should start noticing improvements soon.

Be patient—you should notice improvement over time.

Get Started Today

When used correctly, shea butter can be one of the most valuable skin care products that you incorporate into your routine.

Be sure to consider the above information so that you can make the decisions best for you. From here, you’ll be well on your way toward having radiant, healthy skin.

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