Essential oil gift packs for mum

mothers day

It’s March, which means it’s nearly time for you to show your mum just how much she means to you. While we all know we should be showing our loved ones just how important they are all year round, that doesn’t mean we can’t spoil them on special occasions, too.

If your mum has a penchant for scented candles, loves using an air freshener or is just a fan of doing a bit of beauty-product experimenting, it’s a great time to introduce her to the wonderful world of essential oils.

A starter park with a selection of small bottles of some carefully chosen oils could just be the perfect present for banking major brownie points this Mothering Sunday.


A whole new world

What better gift could you give than getting her started with a new hobby? Getting her into something new means that she’ll enjoy your gift for a long time to come, learning and building on her craft as she goes.

Essential oils are perfect for using in a diffuser around the house, but they’re also ingredients in endless DIY recipes for natural cleaning products and cosmetics. Once people get going with essential oils, they tend to get hooked pretty quickly. Then there’s no stopping them!

If you’re searching for the finest essential oil gifts, look no further than our starter packs. We’ve got two great options for you.


Essential oil starter packessential-oil-starter-pack

Our basic starter pack is made up of five 10ml bottles of pure essential oils. In this pack you’ll find five of our bestsellers, all of which are widely used in all kinds of DIY recipes, but that also make wonderful scents to diffuse around your home.

You’ll find peppermint, eucalyptus, sweet orange, lavender and lemon in this bundle, which will allow your mum to try out a whole host of new and exciting recipes. She’ll be making her own diffuser blends and concocting everything from homemade toothpaste to furniture polish before you know it.

If you know your mum will adore her starter pack and you think 10ml bottles might not go the distance, check out our 50ml and 100ml options for a gift that’ll just keep on giving.


Fragrance oil starter packsfragrance-oil-starter-pack

The other option is to go down the fragrance oil starter pack route, which is ideal if you think candle-making might be something your mum would enjoy.

These oils are synthetic (unlike essential oils which are all natural and extracted directly from plants) but that means you’ve got a wider range of scents available to pick from. Your mum’s house will soon be brimming with the delicious scents of vanilla, rose, fresh linen, baby powder, coconut and more.

So treat the most important lady in your life to one of these superb starter packs and watch her hobby grow. Who knows, you might benefit from a homemade gift or two in return!

As with the essential oil starter pack, if you want to upsize your fragrance oil gift pack there are also 50ml and 100ml options available.