Essential oils to suit every emotion

lots of emojis whatever your current mood

Coming up on the 17th July is a happy, sad, confused, silly, angry event – yes it’s World Emoji Day! A day of celebrating the wide-ranging use of modern emojis and how they can help us convey exactly how we’re feeling with a silly illustration… or fifteen.

So, in honour of this multi-emotional day, we’ve decided to focus on how to use essential oils to enhance great feelings and combat mood swings. Whether you’re feeling up, down or somewhere in the middle, there’s always a great essential oil for the occasion.

So let’s look at how you can match your emotions to your essential oils for aromatherapy perfection.

Happy: orange, rose and frankincense

If you’re feeling on top of the world and you want to boost your mood even farther with some oil diffusion, we can highly recommend the zesty scent of orange essential oil. It’s known for helping to banish depression and lift the spirits with its calming influence, so it can only boost your good mood even higher! Rose is a wonderful scent for stimulating the nervous system, and frankincense is perfect for focusing the mind, so you can zone out and home in on all those happy feelings.

Anxious: lavender, vetiver, chamomile

Have you been feeling a little tense and tightly wound of late? Maybe you’ve just had the day from hell and you need a little help shaking off the stress of the past eight hours. Get yourself relaxed and comfortable and crack open some lavender essential oil to help bring those anxiety levels right down. Not only will it help to even out your mood, it’ll help you to get a better night’s sleep so that tomorrow has the best chance of being much more enjoyable. Vetiver is also very calming and grounding, which helps to stabilise your mood and reduce tension. And finally indulge in a touch of chamomile to help soothe your mind and banish those stressed-out feelings ahead of bedtime.

Depression: bergamot, ylang ylang, lavender

Depression is a highly dangerous condition that can, if left untreated, spiral out of control very quickly. Take matters into your own hands by stocking up on some essential oils that are known to boost your mood and lift your spirits. While they can’t technically ‘cure’ depression, they can certainly form a critical component of your path to recovery. Try combining a few drops of bergamot essential oil with a carrier oil and massage it into your feet, hands and temples to let its clean and refreshing scent stimulate and rejuvenate your senses. A touch of ylang ylang blended with lavender added to your oil burner or diffuser is a great mix for sending bad moods packing. Set it up in your bedroom or living room so that the hours before bed are as calming as possible. After all, a good sleep is another vital ingredient to getting better if you’re suffering with low moods or depression.

Flirty: jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood

Getting ready for a big night out with your friends? A flirty mix of essential oils added to your burner or diffuser will get you in exactly the right mood for the best night ever. Try combining a few drops of jasmine with a carrier oil and massaging it into your body after a hot shower and you’ll enjoy a lightly seductive scent which instils confidence. While you get ready, try burning or diffusing a bit of mysterious patchouli or sensual, woody sandalwood.

So whatever emotion you’re experiencing today, enhance and improve it with a careful selection of pure essential oils. Happy World Emoji Day!