An Introduction to Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil

Over recent years, coconut oil has definitely become the rising star of the health and beauty industry. Many celebrities now swear by using this natural product in their day-to-day lives instead of applying chemical-rich cosmetics. We are all now discovering that coconut oil is extremely good for us and we now know that the health benefits of using coconut oil are vast, ranging from improved skin and hair care all the way through to being an effective digestion aid.

In addition to organic virgin coconut oil being an effective health and beauty product, investing in coconut oil is also good for the bank balance since it can be used to replace so many daily products used in the home. Many consumers enjoy using coconut oil to make their own household products such as homemade soap, deodorant and toothpaste, saving a vast amount of money on the shopping bills. Investing in a supply of organic virgin coconut oil is a small investment that you’ll make once that will pay off in so many ways. We’ve all heard in the press that coconut oil is good for us but why is it such a magic ingredient? Let’s take a look at just some of the many ways in which using organic virgin coconut oil can help:

What can organic virgin coconut oil be used for?

1. Replacing olive or vegetable oil with organic virgin coconut oil can make an instant improvement to your health. Coconut oil contains a unique blend of fatty acids proven to aid and improve digestion in the body.

2. Reducing your dairy intake by using coconut oil in your daily tea and coffee can have a positive impact on your health.

3. Using organic virgin coconut oil as a daily make-up remover means you can avoid adding excessive chemicals to your skin.

4. Applying organic virgin coconut oil to the mouth can help to prevent chapped lips.

5. Rubbing coconut oil on the inside of your nose can help to alleviate any allergy symptoms.

6. Applying organic virgin coconut oil to varicose veins on a daily basis can reduce and minimise their appearance.

7. Baby products such as nappy rash cream or cradle cap treatment can be expensive and organic virgin coconut oil is the perfect substitute.

8. Mixing organic virgin coconut oil with salt or sugar can instantly create a natural skin exfoliator which you can apply in the shower or the bath.

9. Applying coconut oil to your skin during pregnancy can help to minimise stretch marks.

10. Using organic virgin coconut oil to restore your hair’s health is very effective. Just apply the oil to your hair, put on a shower cap and leave for a few hours before washing out.

These are just ten ways in which organic virgin coconut oil can be used in the home but there are many other uses. Stock up on this household essential and get yourself well on your way to long-lasting health.